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Promo Pricing for Foundation Courses Ends Soon!

Program Application Deadline: APRIL 30, 2019

holistic health diploma, homeopathy, holism, nutrition, wellness, naturopathy, distance learning, mentorship


The Final Application Deadline for the next Double Diploma Program is Quickly Approaching!

Our celebrated holistic experiential training program is still open for enrollment, but not for long!  Join the next group of students who have already started their training in the 2020 diploma group. Now is the time to start the foundation courses with this group for 3 reasons:

holistic health diploma, homeopathy, holism, nutrition, wellness, naturopathy, distance learning, mentorship

  • PROMO PRICING for all 7 courses in the foundation package is still in effect, but only until April 30, 2019
  • BONUS SERIES of 4 LIVE WEBINARS to accompany through the Anatomy and Physiology course is being offered.
  • TIME TO COMPLETE all of the necessary foundation courses at a comfortable, slow rate of 3-5 hours per week before starting the Level 1 courses in January 2020 with your group.

I look forward to welcoming you into this new wave of students!

Best regards,

Judyann McNamara

Founder, Montreal Institute of Classical Homeopathy

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The Foundation Courses package at MICH has been carefully designed to ensure your success in the program. Diploma students benefit from a discount of over $500 on the package price vs. the total cost for the individual courses as well as a personal facilitator  and homeopath available to support them through their process.

This discount will end on April 30th, 2019, so we encourage you to apply now to guarantee this rate.

START ANYTIME to support your paradigm shift from one of cause and effect to one that is multi-dimensional and richly woven from human experience, helping you to perceive what is required to successfully practice natural and holistic health.

Contact an advisor to learn more or apply to the program for IMMEDIATE ACCESS to all of the following courses:


The MICH Diploma Program

holistic health diploma, homeopathy, holism, nutrition, wellness, naturopathy, distance learning, mentorship


Seeking to become an accredited holistic Homeopath & Naturopath?

  • Two fully accredited diplomas (Homeopathy AND Naturopathy)
  • Self-guided online learning AND experiential webinars to connect with your teachers and colleagues
  • Each student is accompanied throughout the program in order to receive supervised, holistic and individualized facilitation
  • Unlimited access to audio and/or video recordings of classes and webinars
  • Small group facilitation, dialogue
  • Supervised clinical internships
  • Competency in the MICH Method™ holistic approach
  • Supportive, holistic learning environment
  • Become a more effective listener and communicator
  • Learn to help others break through patterns, conditioning, resistance and limitations
  • Expand your consciousness, paradigm, perceptions and experience of life
  • Learn whole brained functioning and whole organism perception
  • Enhance your practice AND have a living, evolving, transformative experience

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holistic health diploma, homeopathy, holism, nutrition, wellness, naturopathy, distance learning, mentorship

Not sure if MICH is right for you?  Join us for our next live webinar

Join MICH Founder, Judyann McNamara for an open house webinar

This is your opportunity to meet Judyann and to discover what it means to learn, grow and study at MICH. Learn more, or register now.

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At the core of our program is live, personal facilitation and a place to connect and grow with others who share your passion for holistic health. Over the course of the program we meet regularly via webinars as well as for personal, one on one individualized facilitation with each student in the program.  Every facilitator is a  practicing MICH homeopath, familiar with the experience of shifting paradigms and is with you for every step of your journey with us.  Because we know that the success of a holistic practitioner doesn’t only depend on a solid foundation of knowledge and practice, your MICH experience can continue beyond graduation to include continuing education and becoming part of a professional community that continues to provide support for new practitioners.

holistic health diploma, homeopathy, holism, nutrition, wellness, naturopathy, distance learning, mentorship



Choose a time that works for you to connect with us in an online meeting or over the phone. 




holistic health diploma, homeopathy, holism, nutrition, wellness, naturopathy, distance learning, mentorship


When can I start the program?

Students should apply and enroll as soon as possbile to join the new diploma group that’s building now- this is ideal if you have limited time, or want to have a lighter course load when the core courses start in January 2020.  Starting now also ensures that you will complete the foundation courses in time – the application deadline to join this group is April 30, 2019 – don’t miss it! By applying to the program and registering as a diploma student you will not only guarantee your place in the program but also access community webinars and personal noumedynamic facilitation throughout the time you’re doing your foundation courses.

Why a double diploma program? I only want one. (I just want to be a naturopath, or I’m only interested in the training to become a homeopath)

MICH is committed to preparing students to hold an effective holistic practice that can pull from a broad pool of resources in order to truly individualize the care provided to offer a full complement to conventional medicine. To learn more about this, we encourage you to watch the recorded webinar ‘Join the revolution in Healthcare‘ or to contact an advisor.

What are the foundation courses?

The foundation courses for the program are Discover Holism, Noumedynamic Health, First Aid Homeopathy, History of Medicine and Homeopathy, Holistic Nutrition Basics, Research in Homeopathy and Anatomy and Physiology.

Where can I find more information about tuition and fees?

All of the details about tuition and fees are available on the diploma program brochure.  If you have any questions, you schedule a meeting with us at a time that works for you or you can call us at (514) 486-2716 or email us at info@michmontreal.com.  We’d love to hear from you!

I already work as a holistic health practitioner (osteopath, naturopath).  How can I benefit from the training at MICH? 

Many practitioners come to MICH because they know there is a deeper level from which to work with their clients.  At MICH they discover how to access that deeper level, and are able to bring a truly holistic, global approach to their work.  See our student testimonials for more info.

What about accreditation and continuing education credits?

MICH upholds the highest standards of accreditation locally, nationally and internationally.   Visit this page for more information.

Can I just register for foundation courses one at a time instead of  registering for the package?

Yes.  It’s possible to get started by signing up as an independent student, however, you’ll lose out on the webinars and one-on-one facilitation that applying to the program and starting with the foundation courses provides. If at any time you would like to transfer your independent studies towards the double diploma program, contact us to find out how.

Don’t see your question?

Call us at (514) 486-2716 or email info@michmontreal.com





Don’t take our word for it.  Hear from graduates about their own MICH experience and how studying with us changed their paradigm and allowed them to a

“MICH provided me with a profound understanding of  the human being in both health and disease.”

Claudia Fentanes, M.D.

Read more student testimonials here


holistic health diploma, homeopathy, holism, nutrition, wellness, naturopathy, distance learning, mentorship

Application is quick and easy and offers you the opportunity to schedule a personal interview right away. The foundation courses package includes access to all the courses that are essential in preparing you for the core courses that comprise the first level of the program and also allow you to reserve your place. Because we accompany each group throughout their program, there are many benefits that comes from getting on board as soon as possible.  For some, there’s a need for an extended personal process, while for others a busy schedule will benefit from lots of time to finish up courses.

Don’t forget, the promo to save over $500 on your foundation courses ends on April 30, 2019.  Don’t miss it!

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“By holding the space, guiding me and pushing my limits, MICH is enabling me to grow. It brings light to how being caught in my own belief system has led to disease. Awareness of unconscious reflexes is bringing wellness and lightness of being.”

Anne Landry, MBA, CFA

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“MICH has changed my life by professionalizing my passion.

Ida Reda, ND, DHom

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