About MICH

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Support your vital force in a natural way

The MICH process involves stimulating the body’s innate healing potential,
through an individualized method of prescribing.

We treat the individual as a whole
, and consider symptoms
to be a unique expression of a single, underlying
energetic disturbance.

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The MICH Method
Watch this video to let our founder, Judyann McNamara,
explain how this revolutionary case taking method
goes beyond the analysis and synthesis of symptoms
in order to perceive each patient of homeopathy from
a true wholistic perspective.
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Mission Honduras

Help us prevent the spread of a debilitating
and disabling disease
in South America.

Support our homeopathic clinic for the under privileged,
an initiative of Homéopathes de Terre Sans Frontières.

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Mission Honduras Sponsors
The commitment and dedication of the MICH community
is what makes our missions to Honduras possible.

Join us in acknowledging
the generosity of our sponsors!

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News from Honduras
Read all about our team’s most recent mission to Honduras,
their daily work in the homeopathic clinic, training
the local community and medical students
to use homeopathy and more…

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Find the right homeopath for you!

MICH homeopaths practice the MICH Method™, which focuses on the Totality of Symptoms and Individual Uniqueness, and allows for true wholistic health. They come from various professional backgrounds and are dedicated to providing person-centered care and to furthering homeopathy as the health practice of the 21st century.

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Online consultations also available!

Does distance prevent you from meeting with us in the clinic? One of the many advantages of an online consultation with us is the same care and attention by a MICH homeopath without having to leave the comfort of your own home. Online consultations with a MICH Homeopath range from 60 minutes for a first case taking to 30-60 minute follow up sessions.

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Homeopathy: Medicine of the Future

Over 200 years ago, Dr. Samuel Hahenmann systemized the ancient practice of extracting the energetic signature of natural sources to resonate with the ‘vital force’ or ‘vital field’ of the individual. Although the term ‘homeopathy’ was coined in the 1800′s, there had been no sufficient way to explain the effect of these energetic transactions until the advent of quantum physics.

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Did you know that…

• According to the World Health Organization, Homeopathy is the fastest-growing and second-most widely-used system of medicine in the world.
• There are no contraindications with homeopathy. Homeopathic remedies are safe with all prescriptions.
• Homeopathic remedies such as Chamomila are renowned for their immediate effect on cranky, teething babies.
• Homeopathy can reduce the side effects of jetlag, motion sickness, nausea and anxiety often associated with traveling.
• Homeopathy can reduce side effects of radiation and chemotherapy in cancer patients.
• Women can safely take homeopathic remedies during pregnancy or while nursing.
• Ontario now has an order of homeopaths (The College of Homeopaths of Ontario) regulating the profession and the training of homeopaths and protecting the public. The province of Quebec does not yet have such an institution, but the community of homeopaths is actively working on the issue.

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Meet The Snooks!

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The Renaissance of Homeopathy

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Regulation of Homeopathy in Ontario

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Within a day of taking my first remedy I felt like a new person. For the first time in a very long time I felt peace from within, calm, centered and balanced. Since then I have continued to work with my MICH Homeopath and have seen improvements and changes on many levels. As I experience changes in my symptoms, she is so open to reassessing my case and prescribing the remedy that best meets the symptoms that I am experiencing. I know that she is always there to support me and simply to listen! Homeopathy has given me the hope that I can treat anxiety naturally!

Penny Lane, 46 year old female, St. Lazare
I can never thank homeopathy enough for having allowed me this permanent healing. It is hard to explain how this victory has expanded my life! It’s a dream come true.

Lise Laureau, 62 year old female, Pierrefonds
In each session — I had 4-5 sessions in total — I would inevitably discover that I’d managed to find new ways of examining my health issues through her guidance, and had developed my own vocabulary to describe the sensations and emotions I was feeling. It was a very ‘self-emergent’ process. I would always leave the session with a different and much more positive outlook on the issues I had come to explore, and this would reinforce the process in the subsequent sessions

Tim S., 27 year old male, Montreal
The dramatic demonstrable evidence of the power of homeopathy can be seen I suppose in the alleviation or prevention of my symptoms from the chemo and radio. However it has been and continues to be of much more fundamental importance to me than that. The work with the remedies is helping to create room for me to hold me with peace. The creation of this room, thanks to the help of the remedies, is deeply organic and alive…and feels very much of me, in conversation with me, sacred gifting. I continue to be very grateful to my homeopath and to the remedies for all that they are teaching me about listening and sitting with this sacred mystery inside myself. Grateful to myself and the universe too, for having this wonderful chance to walk in wellness along this healing path!

Shauna, 48 year old female, Montreal