Application and Admissions Process


This page contains helpful information and links relevant to students who are applying to the MICH Double Diploma Program.  Open enrollment in the 100% self paced program allows a student to start anytime.

If you’re not interested in a program and only want to register for individual courses, click here to sign up for single courses.


1 Apply online

Application is required in order to enroll for the MICH Double Diploma Program.

Completing the application form only takes 10 minutes. This is the most important first step to starting your journey at MICH!  After applying online, you can schedule your admissions interview.

Apply to the program.


2Admissions interview

The admissions interview is where we determine, together, whether MICH is a good fit for you. You will come away with an understanding of the multiple dimensions of the benefits of embarking on your new training program.


3Start the program

Enrolling will provide you with access to all of the courses in the Foundation Level as the mentorship component.  It’s also possible to enroll for Level One along with the Foundation level, just ask about this option during the admissions interview.   Your first meeting following enrollment will be with a facilitator who will help you to set up your student account and create a study plan.


4 Enjoy the courses and set your pace through the levels

The mentorship component provides you with guidance when you need it and you choose dates and times that work for you according to the teacher or facilitator’s schedule.  When you’ve completed all the requirements for a level, you can submit the academic checklist for review and to receive the link to enroll for the next level.

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