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Embark on a meaningful life path and professional career.  We offer a double diploma program (in Homeopathy and Naturopathy) that will provide you with a solid foundation to work as a fully accredited holistic health practitioner.  All of our courses are professionally accredited and qualify for university equivalent credits by SOFEDUC.

The double diploma program has been carefully developed to provide you with a full spectrum of skills so that you can practice what lies is at the heart of complementary medicine: how to perceive and treat what is unique in the individual – not just their disease.  As an adult learner, you’ll find that the entire program has been designed to accommodate you and the demands of work and family, with plenty of audio-visual material that permit you to study ‘on the go’, at your own pace. The Mentorship Component of the program includes academic advisory, clinical integration and personal facilitation.  These sessions are available throughout every level of the program in order to support you in your studies and journey as a practitioner.

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