CH Conference 2014

Our founder, Judyann McNamara, has again been invited as a guest speaker to the annual conference of North American homeopaths. This annual conference brings together the members of all homeopathic associations across Canada and the US. It is open to non-members, and students. It is organized by the Council for Homeopathic Certification, an examination Board providing consistent evaluation of all diploma’d homeopaths who apply for North American accreditation. Judyann is one such CCH certified homeopath.

Her presentation will bridge the most recent scientific research with some of the earliest writings of the Master homeopaths, in an inspirational, hands-on approach to homeopathic practice.

Because a homeopathic remedy does not act directly on the physical body, the causal rules of the gross material dimension do not apply to the subtle, “quantum” immaterial level on which homeopathy operates. The latest leading edge research is revealing more and more details of this quantum level of biological functions, of which the mitochondria, found in every living cell, play a central role.

Mitochondria are indeed the “Portals of Chi”, and proving to be the ideal candidates for forming the bridge between the immaterial and material body. The field effects picked up by the mitochondria, like those described by Hahnemann in Aphorism 11, and those described by physicists, are the result of a “correspondence” mechanism between the two dimensions.

Addressing this deeper, causal dimension requires a non-material model of the living organism. When fully understood, the multi-dimensional immaterial model proposed at this presentation brings clarity to the:

• prioritization of symptoms (as intended by Kent in the design of the repertory and the classification of symptoms),
• discernment of the best possible prescription,
• appropriate potency choice (determined by dimension, not levels),
• accurate prognosis through a multi-dimensional application of Herings Law of cure.

A medically documented successful epilepsy case and other multi-dimensional cases will demonstrate how to identify non-causally related symptoms and use them as doorways to a comprehensive understanding of the disease state, of the symptom picture, or totality, from which any of myriad ways of homeopathic analysis can be appropriately applied.

This model provides comprehensive, definitive and logical answers to the question: which tool or approach to use and under which circumstances? It succeeds in bringing together all the homeopathic approaches, modalities, types of intervention and diverse methods of analysis and successfully integrates different methods of Homeopathy in one, all-encompassing container.

As a special interest to Canadian homeopaths, this model also provides a sound and solid basis for mutual collaboration and respect between the different homeopathic philosophies and practices.

The Canadian Homeopathic Conference will be held from October 17-19, 2014 in Toronto, Canada. Other presenters include Martine Jourde, Dr. Farokh Master, and Iris Bell. Please click here to visit the CHC’s website for more information and details on how to register.

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