What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a natural, gentle and effective medicine. The effects of homeopathic remedies are subtle, yet powerful and work by supporting your body’s innate ability to heal itself. It is one of the 3 main branches of medicine as proposed by Hippocrates, the founding father of medicine.  For more information, see ‘What is Homeopathy?‘ and other articles and videos in our ‘Resources Section‘.

What is the difference between homeopathy and conventional medicine?

Homeopathy applies the use of similars to heal disease, while conventional medicine applies the use of contraries.  Please see the article ‘Homepathy: A Branch of Western Medicine’ in the articles section for more information.

What are the advantages and limitations of homeopathy?

There are many advantages to using homeopathy.

1Homeopathy is totally safe, and can be used in any circumstance, without danger of interference with other medicines.

2 Homeopathic remedies are bio-friendly medicines that don’t rely on animal testing and pose no danger to our environment. They support your right to choose non-toxic, non-addictive and inexpensive medicines.

3 Homeopathy succesfully addresses many of the diseases that are currently very challenging to treat succesfully with conventional medicine.

The limitations of homeopathy lie mainly in the application of it’s laws by qualified practitioners.  It’s a medicine that relies on the practitioner’s ability to understand what is unique to you in your experience of disease and as such, the practitioner must not only be able to perceive this unique nature, but then be able to select the correct remedy from the homeopathic pharmarcopeia.    Please see the article ‘Homepathy: A Branch of Western Medicine’ in the articles section for more information, as well as ‘The MICH Method: Our MICH Experience’ in the articles section for more information.

How does homeopathy compare with naturopathy, herbology, acupuncture or osteopathy?

Homeopathy is compatible with all healing modalities and will not interfere with any herbal medicines, tinctures or other therapies. MICH homeopaths are trained to guide you in supporting your innate ability to heal and are happy to collaborate with other health practitioners to help you achieve an optimum state of health.

Please see the article ‘Homepathy: A Branch of Western Medicine’ in the articles section for more information.

Can I take homeopathy if I'm taking other medications? Will it address side effects from other prescriptions?

Yes.  Homeopathy can be used with other medications and it is very helpful in managing the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Is homeopathy practiced widely outside of North America?

Yes.  It is most popular in Europe.  There are 5 hospitals in England that use homeopathic treatment and a study commissioned by the government of Switzerland has shown homeopathy to be more cost-effective than any other form of medicine.  In India, Mexico, England, Brazil and Cuba, homeopathy has been integrated into the health system.  Cuba has been able to nearly eradicate leptospirosis.  For more information, visit The Canadian Consumer Centre for Homeopathy. 


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