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MICH homeopaths offer a unique and powerful approach to the homeopathic intervention with their clients.

The MICH Method, a revolutionary approach to case taking focusing on the Totality of Symptoms and Individual Uniqueness, allows for true wholistic health.



Our faculty have the most experience in the MICH Method™, from their own clinical practice as well as from supervising our interns and graduates. They come from various professional backgrounds, and each one brings a unique flavour to their practice. Read their profiles below.

Judyann McNamara    |    Carla Marcelis     |    Melissa Dair      |     Adam Fiore    |    Kate Hudson    |    Janik G. Tremblay             Suzana Da Costa     |    Christiane Magee


MICH Professional Association is a community of MICH homeopaths dedicated to providing person-centered care and to further homeopathy as the health practice of the 21st century. Read the profiles provided by some of our graduates below.

Emma Banks    |   Julie Boutin   |    Julia Bronfman     |    Jana Cernochova     |     Claudia Burke-Cytrynbaum     |    Ilinca Domsa                    Claudia Fentanes   |    Donna Girard  |  Pascale Gannon  |   Nancy Graham    |   Theresa Grant   |   Jennifer Holzgang                          Julie Maude Leblanc   |   Joanne Long   |  Andy Kuriya    |   Janice Newton    |    Norbita Medina  |  Sandra Novalija  |  Shari Polowin      Christine Quad   |   Lise Raymond  |  Irina Sarkisova    |   Joy Schinazi    |   Mia Scaff   |   Esme Terry  |   Julia Thompson                       Lauren Trimble  |  Connie Tyrrell  |  Roberta Vienneau  |   Anya Watson |  Raquel Weizman




Judyann McNamara

MICH Founder, Teacher, Homeopath


2356 Regent Avenue Montreal, Qc.
H4A 2R1

Judyann is known as a compassionate listener who brings an insightful dimension to health and the human journey to all her clients, students and interns. Originally a physicist and biomedical researcher, Judyann has had a clinical practice for over 15 years, has held conferences since 1984 and has been a teacher of courses in physics, health sciences, homeopathy, holism and spirituality since 1975. She is a Homeopath with classical unicist training, certified by the Council of Classical Homeopathy (CCH), a Naturopath, and founder of the International Association for Holistic Professionals (IAHP), which was closed in 2006.

Judyann’s uncanny ability to perceive another’s essential nature, her ability to see and address the individual as a whole has been developed over many years of clinical holistic practice and research.  The homeopathic remedy is prescribed on the deepest level possible, from a holistic (and quantum) understanding. The process facilitates not only physical recovery but often the restoration of meaningfulness and well-being on all levels.

Her approach to homeopathy led to unforeseen success with her clients and requests from colleagues and clients to open a school. Her years of experience, depth of knowledge and the breadth of her network with other practitioners make her a solid resource for people looking to improve health rather than cope. To find out more about Judyann : or send Judyann an email:


Carla Marcelis

N.D., DHom
Director, Teacher, Homeopath


Outremont, Mile-end, Plateau

Carla has been in clinical practice for more than 17 years and she has gained an ever-greater awe of the mystery of life and the role health and disease play in the lives of each individual.

As a homeopath, Carla sees the deep process of case-taking as a means through which the individual expresses their unique experience and gains a deep understanding of themselves and their process of disease and return to health. Together, homeopath and client see what truly needs to be improved and embark on a process of restoring health, where success is not only measured by the disappearance of physical symptoms, but especially by a sense of well-being and strengthening vitality so that the individual can live a much fuller life. In addition to the homeopathic process, Carla works with each individual to strengthen the vital force through healthy nutrition, life-style, and the use of supplements and other supportive remedies as needed.

Carla’s training in medicine and naturopathy provides her with the background and understanding of the physiological processes behind the symptoms a person feels and guide her in decisions on homeopathic and/or naturopathic intervention.  For more information about Carla, visit her website or send Carla an email:


Melissa Dair

BEd, ND, DHom
Director, Homeopath


2781 rue du Manoir
Vaudreuil, Dorion J7V 9B9

Melissa has more than twenty years of experience in education as a teacher, professional learning facilitator, and student support coordinator. In addition to this professional background, her training in holistic counselling and homeopathy has added an important dimension to the depth of her understanding of the human journey.

As a homeopath, Melissa’s highly honed listening and communication skills facilitate self discovery,  as she accompanies her clients on their path of wellness and wellbeing. Melissa has an innate ability to truly hear what is unique in an individual, to understand their particular challenges, opportunities, and perceptions. She is able to facilitate an in-depth exploration of an individual’s inner world, to uncover meaning, meaningful connections, and the emergence of insights. Send Melissa an email:


Adam Fiore

DHom, ND
Teacher, Homeopath



Suite #525 – 2100 Marlowe Avenue, Montreal, H4A3L5

Adam is a professional member of l’Association RITMA and an intern member of the National United Professional Association of Trained Homeopaths (NUPATH).

Adam completed his homeopathic training at The Montreal Institute of Classical Homeopathy, with additional training in Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Yogic healing arts.  He is a certified Homeopath and Naturopath with prior certification both as an Acupressure therapist and Yoga instructor.  Adam’s primary modalities include classical homeopathy and naturopathy (botanical supports and natural nutrition).

His early experience focused on children and teenagers with spectrum disorders and he has since worked extensively with adults and teenagers on issues of addiction and mental health.  He is a professional volunteer at the West Island Cancer Wellness Clinic (WICWC) and runs a private practice from the Queen Elizabeth Health Complex in Montreal, Qc. Read more about Adam on his website: or send Adam an email:


Kate Hudson

BA, E-Ryt, ND, DHom
Homeopath ANQ


288 Delinelle, Montreal, H4C 3A8

Kate is deeply passionate about the practice of homeopathy and it’s ability to bring awareness and clarity to her clients. She feels privileged to be invited into their inner experiences and enters into their worlds, with them, from a space of curiosity and exploration. Kate believes that the therapeutic process of inquiry is an important step in both the client’s return to health and in the path to selecting an appropriate homeopathic remedy to facilitate that. She places great emphasis on providing a safe therapeutic space for the client to become aware of and be able to express the core of their complaint.

She works with clients from all walks of life, and has had particular success with those who suffer from anxiety and depression, or other mental-emotional challenges. She also has a vibrant pediatric homeopathy practice and loves working with children of all ages.  For more information about Kate, visit her website at:, or send Kate an email:


Janik G. Tremblay



Montreal & South Shore

Personable, efficient, well organized, and succinct, Janik applies her keen listening and observational skills effectively to her case taking. She is especially gifted for family practice, facilitating family members towards greater family harmony as well as developing individual autonomy. She loves children, and is able to create an easy, open relationship with them, engaging them in discovery, easily discerning their concerns.

Janik is perfectly bilingual and does consultations with clients in English and French. She volunteers weekly at MICH and runs a private practice in Montreal (NDG borough) and in St-Basile-le-Grand (South Shore of Montreal). Visit her website:

For more about Janik, click here to view her full MICH profile or send her an email:


Suzana Da Costa

DHom, ND


Montreal North, Laval

Suzana’s compassion, ability to listen and hold space for someone lies at the heart of her growing practice. Her work as a homeopath is complemented by her passion for self discovery and the human journey, and along with her previous work in massage therapy, she is available to work with you at any point in your wellness journey.

Her training at MICH introduced her to holism, and let her learn how to move through the challenges we all face from the vulnerability of the human condition. She draws from her personal experience and enjoys her continued work as a personal noumedynamic facilitator diploma students at MICH.

She welcomes all clients, and works with acute or chronic conditions; life changes, grief, animal homeopathy, career and personal transition. Whether challenges are physical, mental or emotional she’s prepared to facilitate clarity, balance and a greater sense of freedom in your life.

To contact Suzana, email her at to arrange for an in-person or online consult.


Christiane Magee

DHom, ND


Christiane discovered homeopathy in 2012 after attending a MICH open house and never looked back. Working previously in the world of digital marketing in corporate and agency environments for 20 years, she has experienced first-hand multiple burn-outs, and witnessed countless times in a multitude of ways how stress affects the whole individual – mind, body, and emotions – and can manifest itself into a myriad of health conditions and illnesses.

The training at MICH has provided her with a new paradigm – a new way of thinking, seeing and understanding stress and disease and how interwoven they are with how an individual perceives and moves through life. Homeopathy addresses the uniqueness of the individual – it facilitates a person’s ability to achieve optimal health and balance in all aspects of their lives, ultimately resulting in better relationships, an ability to adapt more comfortably to all life-situations and more energy to spend on activities that bring meaning and purpose to life.

Christiane is excited everyday to have a holistic health practice that helps people who suffer from burn-out, anxiety, depression, trauma, PTSD, or any chronic issues that are stopping her clients from leading a full and enriching life.

To find out more about Christiane, please contact the MICH clinic.





Emma Banks


Panier-Santé Dame Nature
1480, rue des Cascades
Saint-Hyacinthe (Québec)
J2S 3H5


Emma’s healing method appeals to people who are looking for a holistic and natural approach to health that compassionately and respectfully asks the hard questions. Every person has a unique way of moving through life and the world. This way of moving (and being stuck) will be explored in homeopathic inquiry sessions, as a greater, healthier perspective is revealed.

Emma’s clients tend to be young women experiencing depression/anxiety, women feeling the effects of menopause, and people with an interest in spiritual/ego exploration. Emma also loves doing work with under serviced populations such as with Homéopathes Sans Frontiers in Honduras. Emma is pursuing an additional diploma in nursing to help bring the holistic, inner, natural healing of homeopathy and the mechanical, pharmaceutical, popular response of conventional medicine together.

Emma is currently accepting new clients. She does the sessions by an internet platform such as Skype, or Zoom and offers initial 20 minute consultations for free.

Uncover your soul with Emma Banks DHom.

To learn more, visit her website  or send Emma an email:


Julia Bronfman



S4-5925 Monkland Ave. (corner Royal)
Montreal, Quebec
H4A 1G7
(514) 951-0518


Julia offers to her clients a 30 year infatuation with homeopathy, compassion and appreciation for her client’s uniqueness, as well as an innate ability to instinctually and intuitively understand her clients, as well as an aptitude for accumulating a wealth of knowledge that can assist her clients in their return to health. She brings both professional and extensive life experience to the table. Julia can speak from the heart as someone who has also had to overcome great obstacles in order to heal.

In addition to holding membership with the MICH Professional Association (MICHPA), she is also a member of the ANPQ and the SPHQ ( Syndicat professionnel des homéopathes du Québec )

To learn more, visit her website at or send Julia an email:


Jana Cernochova

BSc, DHom, RHom


Homeopathic Clinic Lipa

2100 Marlowe, suite 601
Montreal, QC
H4A 3L5


207-150 Cloverdale
Dorval, QC
H9S 3h9

(514) 557-2276

English, Czech, Russian

Jana has been in clinical practice for the last 16 years. Originally a biochemist and researcher, she first witnessed miracles in people returning to health while working at The Research Institute of Balneology in her native country, the Czech Republic. But her deeper understanding of how a simple mineral could contribute to a return to health from illnesses such as arthritis or infertility came only after she was introduced to homeopathy. With homeopathy she keeps on discovering – through the eyes of her clients and through sharing their experience of the world – how all the minerals and all the elements of the periodic table come alive.

Jana is now a homeopath with classical unicist training. She obtained her first diploma in homeopathy in 2000 at which time she also formed the Homeopathic Clinic Lipa. She graduated from the Montreal Institute of Classical Homeopathy in 2012.

She is a very devoted homeopath, sharing her passion for health with clients around the world.

She loves to work with all family members (including pets!) and has a special interest in men’s health issues. Through her personal experience, she acquired additional insight into adolescent behaviour.

For more information, please visit her web site: or send Jana an email:


Claudia Burke-Cytrynbaum



4260 Girouard Ave.
Montreal QC
H4A 3C9

English, Spanish

From an early age, Claudia has always been interested and committed to helping, caring and improving the wellbeing of others.

After graduating with Honors from Fairleigh Dickinson University in 1995, Claudia worked as a Registered Nurse in the State of New Jersey before making Montreal her home.   Since obtaining her D. Hom from MICH in 2013 she has used her skills to help many people, as well as their families and friends.

As a mother of 4 young boys, she is especially able to relate to the many challenges facing women and children today.

In addition to working in her private practice, she is also an active member of HTSF.  Her volunteer work on 2 missions to Honduras (2012, 2014),  have enriched both her personal and professional life.

To learn more, visit her website at or send Claudia an email:


Ilinca Domsa

DHom, ND

English, Francais, Romana

Queen Elizabeth Health Complex
2100 Marlowe, Suite 525
Montreal, QC
H4A 3L5


The possibility to listen to our soul as it faces the question of yet another adaptational phase in the flow of life is the inherently healing process that Ilinca is happy to facilitate. She brings into her therapeutic inquiry a vivid curiosity about the human journey and the understanding that nothing human is foreign to any of us, a space particularly suited for significant issues of social adaptation.

A palliative care volunteer with additional contemplative palliative care studies, she applies her holistic homeopathic training to assist with issues from physical changes to shifts in individual and family dynamics that arise in an end-of-life context. Her performing arts butoh practice adds to her training in accessing the patterns that are active and generate suffering within ourselves, and easing their grip on our vital force, and inspires her work with those who are challenged in their creative flow.

She shares her life with two lovely felines, and having greatly benefited from the use of homeopathy for them, she is ready to extend a helping paw to your feline and other pet friends.
To get in touch with Ilinca, please send her an email at


Claudia Fentanes

MD (Argentina) D Hom

1150 Boulevard St Joseph,
suite 306
Montreal, QC
H2J 1L5

Spanish, English, French

While practicing allopathic medicine specializing in endocrinology, I turned to homeopathy when my son was treated for severe asthma with only a few homeopathic globules.

Surprised by this result and curious to know how this dynamised medicine had managed to cure what allopathy was not able to control with the help of several drugs, I plunged into a completely different paradigm that conceives the disease as the imbalance of the vital force.
After more than 18 years of rewarding practice, my fascination for homeopathy has steadily increased. I continue exploring the infinite potential of this medicine with an energetic footprint,more relevant than ever since the obvious quantic foundation of life.

To learn more, or to get in touch with Claudia, visit her website, or send her an email at


Donna Girard

B Comm, ND, DHom


2100 Marlowe, Suite 601
Montreal, Qc H4A 3L5

(514) 933-5055


Donna is passionate about optimizing health and living life to one’s potential.  Homeopathy offers this to everyone.

Prior to becoming a homeopath, her professional career centred on not-for-profit health care for seniors where they were encouraged and supported to take an active role in their health and well-being. Donna provided this through listening, exploring unresolved emotional issues with them and offering lifestyle changes through food and physical activities.

All interventions are focused on the individual and on helping them to come to their own understanding. This twenty two year experience translates easily to her homeopathic practice.

Donna’s practice includes all stages of life. She finds it very rewarding when the young children in her practice visit less and their parents can come for themselves. As a world traveler she also guides vacationers with appropriate homeopathic remedies.

Donna’s love of homeopathy comes from sharing better health for everyone. To learn more about her visit : or send Donna an email:


Pascale Gannon

DHom, ND, BA


Skype consultations available
Morin Heights, QC


Homeopathy has been part of my life since my adolescence! But who would have guessed then, that it would have changed my life and those around me? With homeopathy, my children regained health from the typical childhood illnesses: no more need for repetitive doses of antibiotics nor Ventolin pumps! The efficiency and the absence of side effects of homeopathic remedies got me hooked.

Studies completed at H.E.H.E.U in pure classical homeopathy and in MICH’s integrative system of health program have given me the best possible training from both approaches, which is reflected in my high ability to understand people and choose their homeopathic similimum; referrals have even traveled across the Atlantic ocean!

Eternal student of the human being and its coherence between the physical and mental state, I have proudly been nominated on TELUQ’s Roll of honour 2017 for my studies in psychology.

Invested in ensuring homeopathy availability to the public, I am happily the SPHQ treasurer.

Please visit my site ( to read more about me, my approach, and to read some testimonials or send me an email:

I hope to meet you shortly!


Nancy Graham



Consultations by Skype
Amherstview, ON

Phone: 613-483-6601


Hi. I’m Nancy Graham, a Natural Health Practitioner. I hold diplomas in Homeopathy, Naturopathy, and Massage Therapy as well as certification in Reflexology and having verified that my education meets their equivalency standard I have also completed the first step towards registering with the College of Homeopaths in Ontario (SECA).

​I was introduced to Homeopathy about 20 years ago. I was very inspired by the gentle yet profound healing powers of homeopathic remedies and the difference they made in my life.

​My approach to health and wellness has a strong emphasis on stress related illness, stress awareness and stress reduction since stress is a major contributor to many diseases including headaches, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, gastrointestinal issues, insomnia, and more.  Because stress affects us on all levels, the early signs can be observed on the mental level, our mood, thoughts and reactions.  If caught early on, we can use homeopathy to re-direct our energy away from the progression of stress related disease and illness.

I use “The MICH Method”; a holistic, integrative and individualized approach to explore all aspects of the individual with an important focus on the core or inner dynamics of each person.

For more information, visit my website at, or contact me by email at


Jennifer Holzgang

DHom, ND


190 ch de la Rivière
Saint-Étienne-De-Beauharnois, QC
J0S 1S0
(450) 429-4035


Trained as a Natural Health Consultant, Herbalist, Naturopath, Nutritionist and Homeopath, Jennifer incorporates the most appropriate from these practices to address each individual.

In addition to her work as a holistic practitioner for the last 15 years, Jennifer has also worked as a teacher of herbology, biology and environmental health at a school of natural health in Montreal, as well as facilitated at MICH. She gives workshops about holistic health to school and church groups covering subjects on herbalism and homeopathy. A particular favorite are “Herbwalks” that teach about local plant medicines. Recently she has volunteered for Homéopathes de Terre Sans Frontières Missions in Honduras.

She appreciates how homeopathy is both practical and life enhancing, allowing her to accompany individuals in self-exploration and discovery of potential, as well as providing down to earth tools and information for everyday situations. She especially enjoys working with individuals who are also interested in herbal and nutritional support.

Visit Jennifer’s bio page to learn more about her or send her an email:


Andy Kuriya

DHom (in progress)




Although his early training was in the field of Economics and Business Administration, Andy has always had an interest in alternative health modalities whether it be chakras, spiritual psychotherapy or reiki. However, it is only after learning about homeopathy and the MICH method he feels he has found the perfect blend between the art and science that he has been searching for. He is very passionate about the potential of homeopathy to ease client’s ailments in the most rapid, gentle and permanent manner.

As part of the team who volunteered on the November 2014 mission to Honduras with HTSF, Andy had the opportunity to continue his training in acute/emergency situations.  Send Andy an email:


Janice Newton



West Island

With an education focused on human relations, Janice has more than 30 years of experience designing and implementing programs for the personal development of young and older adults. She is recognized for her skill in supporting students to move into their full potential.

As a homeopath, her specialty is creating a calm and trusting space that allows her clients’ personal journeys to unfold. She is humbled and honoured to accompany people on their path, and thrives on the diversity of her clientele.

Janice is a member of l’Association des Naturopathes Professionnels du Quebec (ANPQ). She graduated from MICH in June 2012 and has been building her homeopathic practice since then. Her previous certification includes Reflexology and Shiatsu massage.  Send Janice an email:


Norbita Medina


Homeopath, Naturopath, ANPQ

Español / English / Portugues

Norbita Medina is a Homeopath and Naturopath dedicated to explore, together with the client, the core of the disturbance that is troubling his/her organism´s vital force. In forming a collaborative relationship with her clients, Norbita is able to help identify that which is affecting the well-being, health and the innate happiness in the individual.

Homeopathy is a natural vehicle for Norbita. It allowed her to find her own essence helping others through a return to health in an integral and non invasive way.  To learn more about Norbita, visit her website or send her an email:


Shari Polowin


West Island


Shari Polowin has been interested in the human journey towards wellness for the past 25 years.  Shari was a Social Worker for many years, where she focused on helping to improve the quality of life of older adults.   Desiring to learn more about health, she began studying Holistic Medicine at the Institute of Natural Health Consultants.  There she discovered first hand the profound effects of homeopathy.  She completed her studies in homeopathy at the Montreal Institute of Classical Homeopathy in 2009.

Shari brings sensitivity, respect and compassion to her practice. She feels privileged to have the opportunity to witness the beauty of each person’s unique journey. Send Shari an email: SPOLOWIN@GMAIL.COM


Lise Raymond

DHom, ND

Montreal and South Shore


Although her early professional training was as a computer technician, Lise has for nearly 30 years been very involved in human relationships at various levels. First, when she joined a support center for victims of sexual assault and soon after when she became involved in the movement for the humanization of birth.

With the birth of her third child came the motivation to pursue her true vocation : to facilitate people on their journey toward reclaiming their core human values.

In 1994, she began extensive training as a homeopath at the Collège d’homéopathie du Québec, graduating in 2001.  In conjunction with her first training as a homeopath, she broadened her scope of professional competence by undertaking training as a naturopath at the École de naturopathie du Québec. Always wishing to widen her skills, Lise enrolled for an additional four-year training in homeopathy at MICH in 2006. Finally, her  sensitivity to humanitarian action is put into action in numerous volunteer expeditions with Homéopathes de Terre Sans Frontières (HTSF).

Lise firmly believes in the ability of humans to reclaim their health. As a homeopath, she supports her clients in their ability to move forward towards a better life in a climate of mutual trust and respect.  Send Lise an email:


Irina Sarkisova

ND, DHom

Founding president
Centre de Santé Serona
1112 Laurier West Ave.
Outremont QC
H2V 2L4

(514) 508-8557


Irina is a registered homeopathic and naturopathic practitioner who was influenced by the rhythms of a holistic lifestyle at an early age.

Her current practice combines homeopathy, naturopathy and therapeutic life style counselling, emphasizing special interest in holistic modalities. Irina assists people to deal with and overcome personal suffering in a way that is more than just symptomatic relief.

Today, Irina continues to research, learn and expand her understanding of alternative medicine and its benefits on the human condition through her current practice. She is very passionate about helping people achieve their optimal health. Her vision is to promote a sustainable « mind-body-spirit » environment by living in harmony with the principles of nature. Her focus is to inspire vitality, balance and empowerment. Her aim is to develop personalized remedies, therapeutic intervention programs and daily healthy habits, helping the person’s body to heal itself.

For more information, visit: or send her an email:


Mia Scaff

ND, DHom


Queen Elizabeth Health Complex
2100 Marlowe, Suite #525
H3A 3L5


Mia has always loved helping others by improving their self awareness and overall wellbeing. She started her career as a health professional in 1997, after graduating from the University of Montreal with a Doctorate in Optometry. After becoming a mother, she became more and more interested in natural medicine with a particular interest in homeopathy, which led her continue her studies in 2012, at the Montreal Institute of Classical Homeopathy, to obtain her diploma in Homeopathy.


Mia has a gift for providing a comfortable and safe space that allows her patients to look within themselves and gain insight on their life journey. She has an innate ability to thoroughly understand her patient’s inner world, and facilitate their self-understanding and awareness. She particularly enjoys working with children and adults with varying degrees of anxiety as well as those simply wanting to improve their mental and emotional wellbeing.  Send Mia an email:


Julia Thompson

DHom, ND, RN
ANPQ Member


Verdun, Qc.

Julia is continually inspired by homeopathy, in its depth of individualized care, and the healing power of nature. She is deeply moved to be part of helping restore a sense of wellness and vitality to everyone who seeks her help. She loves homeopathy, and sees illness as an opportunity for taking an inward journey to expand awareness and define a new relationship with the self, through disease and the return to health. She listens with presence and compassion and genuinely values each individual’s unique experience and essence.

Julia works with individuals, families, and children from infancy to the challenges of adolescents, and creatively adapts her case taking methods to each stage of life. She is a graduate of MICH and also draws from 4 years experience in working with children and families as a pediatric nurse.

To learn more please visit or send Julia an email:



Lauren Trimble

DHom, ND


Vancouver Island
British Columbia


Lauren began her career in the healing arts studying Jin Shin Do Acupressure and later trained at the Montreal Gongfu Research Centre where traditional Chinese medicine is combined with martial arts. She co-founded the Montreal Healing Arts Community, a local non-profit offering networking with outreach and education to the healing community, and also started a Montreal support group for social phobia. She has studied Nonviolent Communication, David Bohm’s Dialogue methods, as well as Active Listening by Carl Rogers. Her current practice focuses on Homeopathy, which retunes the body’s natural healing capacity in a compassionate and gentle way.

Lauren has a gift for holding space that lets others see something deeper within themselves and to help them focus on what needs to be explored for a return to health. Having a life-long study in the principles of health and nature, she shares this knowledge and experience with her clients.

For more information, visit: or send Lauren an email:


Connie Tyrrell

ND, DHom


Montreal and Morin Heights

5925 Monkland Avenue, Suite S4 (corner Royal)
Montreal QC H4A 1G7

English, French

Connie began working with homeopathy 20 years ago.  As a mother of four, she was inspired to use and study homeopathy as an alternative to conventional medicine.  Impressed by its success, Connie turned her attention to formal studies at MICH in 2006.

A warm, cheerful, and caring person, Connie’s devotion to and enthusiasm for the homeopathic process is inspiring. Her approach is one of building a partnership with her clients, where she provides the space, intuitive listening, and gentle guidance towards self-awareness and self-responsibility that will allow the client to embark on their own path towards optimal health. She has no set agenda in her approach as this is what best allows an individual process to be addressed accordingly. Connie also has an intuitive sense for following someone’s energy to the deepest level allowing the remedy to express itself fully. She can be trusted to be completely honest and open, take no nonsense, and show compassion throughout the process of the return to health. She also has extensive knowledge and experience with remedies which gives her the ability to treat acute situations quick and efficiently.  Send Connie an email:



Roberta Vienneau

DHom, MA, BA


Montreal and Ottawa

(514) 918-0805


“The important thing is to strive towards a goal which is not immediately visible. That goal is not the concern of the mind, but of the spirit.”

(Antoine De Saint-Exupéry)

From an early age, Roberta’s soul was drawn to poetic expression, and later, to the study of mind and consciousness.

These passions eventually lead to degrees in Psychology and Education. Further exploration of mind in relation to health and wellness resulted in practitioner diplomas in Spiritual Psychotherapy, Reflexology, Reiki, Bach Flower Remedies and TCM. But it was at MICH that all of her passions found the “home that spirit was seeking” in the rich tapestry of exploration and encounter that is the Homeopathic experience.

Roberta brings to the homeopathic encounter a profoundly poetic “ear” that is most sensitive to the language of soul … a space to welcome its scintillating evanescence as consciousness lights and delights the journey of life.

Roberta has had a private practice since 2006.  For more information, visit her website: or send Roberta an email:


Anya Watson

D.Hom, Nd, B. Psych., B.Ed., OCT


Queen Elizabeth Health Complex
2100 Marlowe
Montreal, QC
H4A 3L5


Via Skype


English, French

Hi, I’m Anya. Reach out to me if you desire more balance in your life, a fresh perspective, or even support in following a new dietary protocol. Whatever it is, I look forward to accompanying you on your journey.

I am a certified Homeopath and Naturopath, receiving my certifications from the Montreal Institute of Classical Homeopathy (M.I.C.H.) here in Montreal. I most recently volunteered with Homeopaths Without Borders (Homeopathes de Terres Sans-Frontieres) on a mission to Honduras. I continue to juggle a family and a career as a Primary/Junior schoolteacher, certified by the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT).

My personal background; after years of suffering with various autoimmune conditions, I became very interested in holistic health after greatly improving my own condition. I had discovered the power of both nutrition and homeopathy, and since then, it has become my passion to share what I have learned with others.

For more information, call or text 613-872-2800, or email me at

“What has been seen cannot be unseen, what has been learned cannot be unknown”
C.A. Woolf


Raquel Weizman

ND, DHom



(514) 591-4413

English, French

Raquel is a registered naturopath (NHC-trained) and homeopath (MICH-trained) who also practices other holistic modalities such as energy medicine and biofeedback. She has always had a strong passion for health, nutrition and a balanced lifestyle. She also sees the future of health care in nutrition and holistic modalities.

Raquel continues to learn, practice and update her research information to add to her practice. She is very dedicated to her clients to help them get to their goal of feeling better and experiencing true holistic health.

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