Dreams as gateway

Dreams as gateway

By engaging with our inner world, we enter into a deeper dimension of consciousness and tap into our most precious resource of creativity.

An important gateway to these inner dimensions is through dreams. Dreamwork is practiced by Buddhist monks, and can be used as a doorway to awakening (ironically). It can transform your relationship to sleep, and help insomnia.

Dreams provide valuable indications of what might be behind challenges we face. Dreamwork can be used to enhance the healing process and provide confirmation that healing is happening.

Thus, the practice of inner work is perhaps the most effective way to address the roots of stress. By learning to lean on our soul and inner wisdom, we are supported along every step of our journey. It allows us to feel the wonder and security of being one with the whole movement of life and the whole movement of the cosmos. This is perhaps the best antidote for stress.

Facilitating entry into a deeper dimension of consciousness is at the core of everything we do at MICH.  By learning how to engage with our own inner world, we are prepared for working with others to help them access their own inner resources.

We recently spent a whole weekend exploring dreams and our inner world.  To explore for yourself,  sign up for access to a free download of the course handout on how to use dreams as the gateway to deeper dimensions.  (*note that if you’re already subscribed to our mailing list you’ll have access via the e-training we sent by email).

I look forward to hearing about your journeys into your inner dimensions!

Warm regards,

Judyann McNamara

Founder of MICH

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