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Discover Holism

History of Medicine and Homeopathy

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First aid homeopathy – Banish summer bug bites and more… (recording)

First aid homeopathy – Arnica (recording)

Join the revolution in healthcare (recording)

Summer webinar series on Holism (recording)

~ Sample handouts from courses ~

Dreams as the gateway to inner dimensions (+ related post)

Letter as symbol (+ related post)

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Thinking of pursuing a career in holistic health? Here are some easy ways to get started with MICH.

So often, I hear from students that they’ve always felt drawn to working as a homeopath or naturopath but never felt ready to actually start pursuing their dream.

Whether your limitation is one of time (waiting for a better time, there isn’t enough time) or money (not enough money saved, too many other expenses), I want you to find your way towards more meaningful work, connection with others and professional expertise in health and holism.  The good news is that you’ve found your way to MICH, and we’ve made sure to provide ways for you to get started right away, no matter what limitations you’re facing right now. No matter how you decide to begin, I’m so pleased that you’ve decided to take a step towards greater wholeness, health and meaningful work.  We love to hear from you – don’t hesitate to book a meeting with an advisor today.

No matter how you decide to begin, I’m so pleased that you’ve decided to take a step towards greater wholeness, health and meaningful work.

Best regards,

Judyann McNamara

Founder, Montreal Institute of Classical Homeopathy




GET STARTED RIGHT AWAY – A LA CARTE (or save with the Foundation Package)

Register for any course that interests you.  Courses available to everyone include Discover Holism, Noumedynamic Health, Holistic Nutrition Basics, First Aid Homeopathy, and History of Medicine and Homeopathy.  If you decide to apply after you’ve taken a course or two, your credits for these courses will count towards your diplomas once your admission to the next program is confirmed.  (For information on getting started with the Foundation Courses Package, visit this page)


Apply now to schedule a one – on – one interview with one of our teachers if you’re ready to start your journey towards becoming an accredited homeopath and naturopath.  This meeting is a great opportunity for you to get to find out more about what makes MICH different from other schools, and to have all of your questions answered.  Once you’ve decided to enroll in the program, you can then choose to register for our co-requisite course package or register for each course one at a time – it’s up to you!


(or explore our free webinars and class materials)

Try one of our free sample classes (Discover Holism or History of Medicine and Homeopathy), watch a free webinar (First aid homeopathy, Join the revolution in healthcare, Summer webinar series on Holism), or download a course handout (Dreams as the gateway to inner dimensions, Letter as symbol ).





When can I start the program?

When you begin is completely up to you.  You can start with any of the co-requisite courses right away – this is ideal if you want to have a lighter workload when the core courses begin in February.  Or you can wait to start along with the group- this means that you will be taking the co-requisite courses at the same time as the core program, according to the academic calendar for the year. Remember that by applying to the program and registering as a diploma student you will guarantee your place in the program.

Why a double diploma program? I only want one. (I just want to be a naturopath, or I’m just interested in the training to become a homeopath)

MICH is committed to preparing students to hold an effective holistic practice that can pull from a broad pool of resources in order to truly individualize the care provided to offer a full complement to conventional medicine. To learn more about this, watch the webinar ‘Join the revolution in Healthcare‘.

What are the co-requisite courses?

The co-requisite courses for the program are Discover Holism, Noumedynamic Health, First Aid Homeopathy, History of Medicine and Homeopathy and Holistic Nutrition Basics.

Where can I find more information about tuition and fees?

All of the details about tuition and fees are available on this page.  If you have any questions, you can call us at (514) 486-2716 or email us at info@michmontreal.com.

I already work as a holistic health practitioner (osteopath, naturopath).  How can I benefit from the training at MICH? 

Many practitioners come to MICH because they know there is a deeper level from which to work with their clients.  At MICH they discover how to access that deeper level, and are able to bring a truly holistic, global approach to their work.  See our student testimonials for more info.

What about accreditation and continuing education credits?

MICH upholds the highest standards of accreditation locally, nationally and internationally.   Visit this page for more information.

Don’t see your question?

Call us at (514) 486-2716 or email info@michmontreal.com


Apply now and register for the co-reqs package

The co-reqs package includes access to all the courses that are essential in preparing you for the core courses in year one of the program and a deposit to reserve your place in the program.  By completing your co-req courses now, you’ll be fully prepared to immerse yourself in the depth of the core courses.  For everyone with a busy schedule, doing a prep year is a great option.

Apply now to reserve your place in the next program and get started.



“My relationship to identification has evolved. I like how I can catch myself feeling challenged or supported by my concept of identity and then try and take a moment to detach from it and allow the images to disperse a bit. It becomes lighter when I do that. I sink into something more honest and true for myself.

Sarah B., Montreal, Canada

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