Three Year Professional Training with TWO Diplomas

Become A Fully Accredited Homeopath and Naturopath



“While the texts and repertories are useful tools, I soon learned that being able to enter an inquiring space with the client and witness their unique experience of the world…was so much more therapeutic and rewarding.” 

Joanne Long, BSc, DHom

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Become an Outstanding Holistic Health Practitioner, Homeopath and Naturopath with Full Accreditation

Gain the confidence and expertise that can only come from studying with those who have mastered their craft and know how to bring out the best in others. The MICH diploma program can be taken in 3 years or longer and incorporates many ways of learning that are holistic and innovative.

Throughout your training, you’ll learn from a team of talented and experienced facilitators and teachers, and be accompanied and facilitated throughout your explorations to gain the integration necessary for competency as a holistic therapist and homeopath.  Our founder, Judyann McNamara,  has over 25 years of practice to which she brings insights that come from her background in quantum physics, quantum biology, transpersonal psychology and Holism, and you will personally experience the effectiveness of the MICH approach in both live and videotaped cases from the MICH clinic.

The training accommodates many different ways of learning by including interactive webinars, one-on-one personalized facilitation, on-line quizzes and flashcards, downloadable digital audio recordings, videos, and audio-visual multi-media presentations as well as live clinical supervised training – to name just a few.

Embark on the fulfilling, meaningful career you always wanted to have, at your own pace with a schedule and a format that lets you manage the demands of modern life and with course material designed for adult learning that encourages balance and deeper reflection.

What MICH offers is a way of understanding many of the more challenging aspects of homeopathy essential to understanding disease and finding a similimum to work deeply to incite multi-dimensional life-altering effects.  MICH has developed and elaborated leading edge therapeutic approaches based on transdisciplinary research to optimize the effectiveness of homeopathy and naturopathic therapeutic intervention. At MICH, you learn both the art and the science of the best researched, most used, and most individualized form of Western medicine that addresses, as Hahnemann said, the “immaterial” cause of disease.

Our modular hybrid of learning environments allows great flexibility with online learning and webinars interspersed with experiential, hands-on training, apprenticeship through one to one facilitation and clinical supervision. After completing the Foundation courses, your professional training is provided over a three year period, during which you must submit 55 cases, which you have prepared under supervision.

This leading-edge program is specially designed to accommodate busy schedules and people from out of town. When designing the double diploma program in homeopathy and naturopathy we made the program flexible enough to allow people to achieve their goals at their own pace. Our program is designed for working people with families and responsibilities. It is a very focussed program: focussed on what you need to be a great practitioner.

Diploma program overview per year

Foundation Phase

Foundation Courses

• Discover Holism and Applied (Noumedynamic) Holistic Health

• First Aid Homeopathy

• Holistic Nutrition Basics

• History of Medicine and Homeopathy

• Anatomy and Physiology

• Research in Homeopathy

Year 1

Year 1 Curriculum 

• Foundation Studies in Classical Homeopathy

• Foundations of Holistic Practice  (Clinical practice and assessment)

• Materia Medica Level One

• Homeopathic Principles, Practice Methodology Level One

• Listening and Communication skills

Year 2

Year 2 Curriculum 

• Intermediate Studies in Classical Homeopathy

• Intermediate Holistic Practice (Clinical practice and assessment)

• Materia Medica Level Two

• Homeopathic Principles, Practice Methodology Level Two

• Pharmacology and Pathology

• Tissue Salts and Oligosols

• Mental, Emotional and Physical Wellbeing 

Year 3

Year 3 Curriculum 

• Advanced Studies in Classical Homeopathy

• Applied Holistic Practice (Clinical internship, Supervision and Assessment)

• Materia Medica Level Three

• Applied Principles, Practice Methodology

• Pathophysiological Processes in Homeopathy

• Client and Case Management Skills

• Business Strategies and Marketing

• Deontology: Ethics and Jurisprudence

• Naturopathic Supports and Nutrition in Homeopathic Practice (Case Management)

• Clinical Intern Case Submission (55 cases)

Post Graduate Continuing Education & Community

Annual Post Graduate Continuing Education Opportunities

• Advanced Case Management and Supervision

• Advanced Therapeutic Relationship

• Advances in Homeopathic Research & Provings


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Program fees and course structure
Timeline: A complete calendar of MICH events, workshops and courses for the next year
Step by step application and acceptance process


Have questions or need more information?

Contact us by phone 514-486-2716 or via email at [email protected] to talk to an advisor or, for free access to course samples, webinars and to find out when our next Q&A webinar is scheduled, click here.


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