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Talk to a MICH Homeopath

Everyone at the MICH office is a fully trained experienced homeopath and health care provider, with a broad knowledge of possible supports. Speak to someone who can expertly guide you to the service that would best suit your needs. Our referral service is free of charge.

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Find a Homeopath Near You

Find a MICH trained homeopath near you. If you are not in the area, many of our homeopaths can also take appointments via the internet (Skype or Google hangouts). Click here to consult our practitioners directory to find your perfect match.

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Come to the MICH Clinic

Our teacher-supervised clinic offers an affordable service to assist the re-establishment of health naturally and permanently. This special opportunity includes three full visits with a supervised team who TAKE THE TIME to discover the unique needs of each individual.

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How Homeopathy Can Help You

Our unique method of homeopathic practice addresses the individual as a whole. In so doing, a wide range of mental, physical, or emotional disorders are addressed “from the inside out” by your own body’s healing potential. Read our client testimonials or consult our sampling of the areas that have been addressed by homeopathy.

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Professionals Directory

Members of the MICH Professional Association have an in-depth understanding of the many dimensions of health and roots of disease based on four years or more of experiential homeopathic training, holistic nutrition and lifestyle management, and health sciences.  Find out about the unique services they offer.

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Health Tips for Optimal Living

Optimize both body and mind by consulting a wealth of blog posts from our experts. Explore everything from first aid, seasonal challenges, diet, exercise, health, well-being, meditation techniques and free visualizations to incorporate into your life to create a nourishing, holistic lifestyle.




Our clients say it best

“What a truly wonderful therapy homeopathy is. In our family, we use homeopathy to treat almost every illness, and it has a huge positive impact on our health. I would strongly recommend homeopathy – it got to the root of the problem that plagued me for years and eliminated it.”

A.J.G., Montreal, QC, February 2012
“Within a day of taking my first remedy I felt like a new person. For the first time in a very long time I felt peace from within, calm, centered and balanced. Since then I have continued to work with my MICH Homeopath and have seen improvements and changes on many levels. Homeopathy has given me the hope that I can treat anxiety naturally!”

Penny Lane, Montreal, QC, December 2011
“I can never thank homeopathy enough for having allowed me this permanent healing. It is hard to explain how this victory has expanded my life! It’s a dream come true.”

Lise Lareau, Pierrefonds, QC, 2011
“In each session I would inevitably discover that I’d managed to find new ways of examining my health issues through her guidance, and had developed my own vocabulary to describe the sensations and emotions I was feeling. It was a very ‘self-emergent’ process. I would always leave the session with a different and much more positive outlook on the issues I had come to explore, and this would reinforce the process in the subsequent sessions.”

Tim S., Montreal, QC, 2011







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