Take the next step in your EGO ALCHEMY process

Explore the staggering complexity and awe-inspiring perfection of how light and other cosmic forces create and maintain every being and about the important role that the human microcosm plays.

Creative forces flow through and into every form of life. Each force, having its own service, is contributing to the overall pattern of life, creating the immense variety of shapes and forms, as well as perpetuating and feeding the life principle.

In this experiential webinar, you will learn the key essential elements that will keep your inner universe of organisms aligned, coherent and life-enhancing.

The energetic organization of the human being, including how light is transformed into food via the chloroplasts of plants, and then transformed into vital energy by their corresponding “cousins”, our mitochondria is what we’re exploring in the 7 part Ego Alchemy process (a series of meditations and journal exercises). Light is a sort of cosmic fuel which living beings use to absorb and reabsorb life. We, and all living beings, are truly “beings of light”.

If you haven’t yet begun your ego alchemy process, look for your FREE ACCESS TO THE FULL SERIES in your webinar confirmation email.


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