“We are encouraged to take risks and make mistakes.”

“We are encouraged to take risks and make mistakes.”

“For years now I have been training in and advocating experiential education. I am so delighted and honoured to be participating in a program that operates in such a way. Everyone is included in the learning, we discover together, we are encouraged to take risks and make mistakes, we apply what we learn, we love what we learn. It is a process that is continually evolving and we are all involved in that process. It is holistic education. Thank you.

There is a strong sense of community that is growing at MICH and I can see that it is intentional. As mentioned above, I think the structure works very well. Our home groups give us a place of belonging and intimacy and continuity. I feel comforted to know that the relationships we are establishing will support us over the three years, and beyond. We are also given opportunities to mix with and be part of the large group – morning lectures, exams, potluck celebrations, and spacious lunch hours.”

Janice Newton
Adult Education Teacher, DHom

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