MICH Continuing Education 2018-2019

Exclusive renewal rate of only $75 until November 15, 2018

What’s Included for Current & Renewing Members

Annual Membership to MICHPA – get visibility on the MICH website and referrals from the MICH clinic

– Bio on the MICH website

– Referrals from the clinic and your colleagues on the CE classroom & forum

– Use of the MICHPA logo on your website, business card and other promo materials

Access to the new Foundations of Holistic Practice course: 8 Units of audio-visual presentations covering case taking and analysis techniques

– Year 3 clinical presentations

Access to the new Materia Medica course: new MICH Materia Media documentation with a focus the Plant and Animal kingdoms

– New animal materia medica, provings and maps + new narrated slideshows on animal remedies and dd’s – we’re bringing in the most recent Joshi contributions as we’re knee deep in animals this year

Access to the new Applied Principles and Practice course

Continued access to all previous levels of courses and files via the google drive or through the CE course site: 1 doorway to all of the materia medica, protocol and therapeutics documents

– New therapeutics document specifically for clients with cancer

Be privy to Judyann’s own professional development and hear about her insights as she integrates all the new developments in the Homeopathic world into the MICH Method

– Continued development of the Scholten method (get all the latest news from the conference in October)

A CE webinar is in the works for 2019 – let us know what you want to focus on; stay tuned to the CE classroom for an announcement/poll in the coming weeks

PLUS exclusive MICHPA discounts on individualized courses and rates for one-on-one session with anyone on the MICH Team


Only $75 to renew


Offer expires at midnight November 15, 2018, EST


There’s never been a better time to support your practice – gain access to all levels of courses and materials for only $250 (price includes a ONE TIME ENROLLMENT FEE of $175)

Get all of the benefits that renewing members will have with the 2018-19 CE package as well as access to previous levels of Foundations of Holistic Practice, Materia Medica and Homeopathic Principles and Practice Methodology.

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Offer expires at midnight November 15, 2018, EST

What are the benefits of joining MICHPA?
Marketing, referrals and more!

Increase your exposure and expand your client base

Continuing education now includes membership to MICHPA.  That means that in addition to gaining access to the always in development continuing education website,  you can add your bio to the MICH professional page – (which is in the top 10 pages that are visited on the MICH site!) and be easily found by search engines as a holistic health, homeopathy, and naturopathy professional. And, you’ll also have the option to house your own individualized searchable page on the MICH site for a nominal fee.

As part of your marketing plan, the MICH site can play a crucial role.  We are continuing to attract more and more traffic as  we gear up our own marketing on search engines and social media for our next group starting in January 2020. By being listed on this page, you’ll get to piggyback on the increased exposure of our site and, it makes it easy for the MICH office, clinic, and your colleagues to send referrals your way.

  • Bump up your visibility on search engines (sending us a testimonial provides another ‘reference’ for those search engines so feel free to send us your endorsement for the student testimonials page)
  • Expand your client base – gain from referrals from the team and your colleagues
  • Have the possibility of having your own very low cost but very effective web page

Only $250 for the full package which includes course materials, etc

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(If you’re renewing use the button at the top of the page)

Offer expires at midnight November 15, 2018, EST

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