MICH Continuing Education 2017-2018
Announcing the best CE package ever offered!

We have put a lot of consideration into your needs as a graduate, and have designed the 2017-2018 package that meets ALL of your needs as a practitioner based on your feedback.

Exclusive MICH graduate price of $400 until October 15, 2017

Regular Price $500

What’s Included

Study when you want and get the continued support from the MICH community

  • MICHPA Annual Membership – get visibility on the MICH website and referrals from the MICH clinic
  • 8 Case Supervision + 1 Case Management group webinar sessions with Judyann and Carla
  • 8 Units of audio-visual presentations covering new case taking and analysis techniques, new remedies, with a deeper understanding
  • Access to new MICH Materia Media documentation with a focus the Plant and Animal kingdoms
  • Expand and improve your Repertorization skills
  • Be privy to Judyann’s own professional development and hear about her insights as she integrates all the new developments in the Homeopathic world into the MICH Method
  • PLUS exclusive MICHPA discounts on individualized courses and rates for one-on-one session with anyone on the MICH Team

Only $400 for the full package

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Offer expires at midnight October 15, 2017, EST.

LIVE Case Supervision

8 Live Case Supervision Webinars + 1 Case Management Webinar

$500 value

homeopathy, sea remedies, jellyfish

Learning, in theory, is great, putting it into practice and discussing it is better. 8 supervision webinars with Judyann, where your cases can be analyzed on the ZOOM whiteboard. Judyann recently hinted about a new dimension that has brought MICH full circle and is resulting in even better prescriptions. She is excited to share this new method with all the CEs!

You can also enlist Carla’s support in an extra supervision webinar for Chronic diseases which often require supportive measures and palliative interventions that provide immediate relief as well as support for the deeper and often prolonged healing process. Case management of your cases will help you choose appropriate physical supports, cell salts, oligosols, gemmotherapy, first aid, HTSF and other complexes.

  • 8 webinars scheduled once a month starting in November where you can bring your cases to dialogue (November 7, November 28, December 12, January 23, February 20, March 27, May 1, and May 22)
  • 1 extra supervision webinar with Carla for difficult, chronic cases
  • Observe hands-on the evolution of the MICH Method
  • Get improved results with chronic cases

Only $400 for the full package

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Offer expires at midnight October 15, 2017, EST

Be on the Leading Edge:
Learn to Apply the Latest Innovations in Homeopathy to Your Practice

Increase your success with Foundations of Holistic Practice L2

$2400 value

Benefit from Judyann’s own personal and professional development – she will be visiting the CLH (Centre Liegonnais d’homéopathie) in Belgium in October. This group is completely devoted to a deep, soulful, but secular interpretation of the remedies – and brings a deeper dimension to them similar to the Loutan. She will also bring the latest insights from the case dialogues held by Homeopathy One happening in Belgium this October, and her private meetings with Frederik Schroyens, Massimo Mangialavori, Jeremy Sherr, Marcelo Candegabe, Michal Yakir, Jan Scholten, Jonathan Hardy, Rajan Sankaran, and Marc Brunson. She will talk about what Luc de Schepper is bringing forth, and help you incorporate the most useful elements from maps like those provided by Scholten, Herscu, Theriault, Yakir and the Joshis, for example. Join her to learn how to use your all-encompassing and ever-expanding MICH method to apply all the latest developments in your case taking and case analysis by knowing where and how to fit them in our ever evolving understanding of the human being.

  • Expand your understanding of the MICH method and where other systems can fit into this understanding
  • Learn about our new case taking and case analysis techniques to get better results with your current cases and clients
  • NEW Remedies & Remedy Groups! Learn about and integrate ALL the LATEST developments and remedy groups in Homeopathy
  • See new case examples
  • With your free access to our easy to use FHP course site, you will find indexed materials and videos or download and listen to the recordings ‘on the go’.
  • Earn 18 CE SOFEDUC credits recognized by your association or order

Only $400 for the full package

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Offer expires at midnight October 15, 2017, EST

Simillimum Success! Improve Your DD with New MICH Updated Kingdom Compendiums

More resource material for your practice and improve repertorization with your free Access NEW MICH COURSES

$1400 value

  • Improve your repertorization skills with FULL ACCESS to Carla’s new course site: Homeopathic Principles and Practice – L2
  • Learn about MORE remedies and remedy groups with FULL ACCESS to the new Materia Medica L2 holistic, soul understanding
  • ALL courses have NEW audiovisual presentations

Only $400 for the full package

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Offer expires at midnight October 15, 2017, EST.

Get Your Practice Out There:
FREE Marketing and FREE Referrals

Increase your exposure and expand your client base with a FREE Annual MICHPA Membership

$150 value

Your 2017-2018 CE package NOW includes a MICHPA membership. That means that you can add your bio to the MICH professional page – (it’s in the top 10 pages that are visited on the MICH site) and be easily found by search engines as a holistic health, homeopathy, and naturopathy professional. And, you have the option to house your own individualized searchable page on the MICH site for a nominal fee.

As part of your marketing plan, the MICH site can play a crucial role.  This year, the site will attract even more traffic this fall and winter as we gear up our own marketing on social media to recruit for our new group starting in January 2018. By being listed on this page, you’ll get to piggyback on the increased exposure of our site and, it makes it easy for the MICH office, clinic, and your colleagues to send referrals your way.

  • Bump up your visibility on search engines (sending us a testimonial provides another ‘reference’ for those search engines so feel free to send us your endorsement for the student testimonials page)
  • Expand your client base – gain from referrals from the team and your colleagues
  • Have the possibility of having your own very low cost but very effective web page

Only $400 for the full package

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Offer expires at midnight October 15, 2017, EST


Improve your Client Relationships by taking advantage of an exclusive 20% discount for the Therapeutic Relationship Dynamics Course with Melissa Dair

The primary objective of this in-person course is to guide and help you manage the relationship dynamics that arise within your practice. The following areas may be addressed:

  • Responding to problematic, demanding, dependent patients;
  • Respecting boundaries and knowing what their responsibility is and what is yours;
  • Dealing with conflict and speaking the truth with your patients;
  • Handling patients’ process which may include transference, projection, anger, etc.;
  • Navigating anxiety, emotional reactivity, depression, suicide ideation.

Space is limited, but as part of your package you’ll receive at 20% discount for this course (regular price $350 – your price $280).

Therapeutic Relationship Dynamics 2017-10, click here to download the course description.

Mondays from 5:00 – 8:00

MICH CLINIC 2356 Regent Avenue, Montreal, Quebec H4A 2R1

Oct. 30, Dec. 4, 2017, Jan 15, Feb 12, Mar 19, 2018

You can register for this course right away at full price $350.00, or register for it at a discount ($280) right away when you register for the package (by also choosing that option on the registration form).


Special Private Session Rates

Of course, you can always have private sessions with any team member, don’t hesitate to contact anyone on the team for a one-on-one with them, at their special CE rate, paid directly to them.

Only $400 for the full package

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Offer expires at midnight October 15, 2017, EST

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