Understanding the Human Journey

The Noumedynamic Program can be taken separately or as part of the Diploma Program.





“MICH has been (and still is) one of the best learning experiences of my life. Homeopathy has expanded my personal outlook as well as broadened my experience as a practitioner.” 

Jennifer Holzgang, DHom

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Whether to expand your therapeutic capacities, or to bring a deeper, more meaningful dimension to your life, Noumedynamic training will set you on a revolutionary new path of human exploration and in-depth holistic understanding. The MICH Noumedynamic process is the foundation and heart of all MICH training. “Noume” means soul, the source, life force and organizing principle, that moves (dynamic) evolves, adapts, expands and transforms human experience. Discover this source of true uniqueness, and how it can be used to catalyze transformation, expand awareness and experience greater personal freedom. Learn the truly holistic process used by MICH practitioners to help others change their relationship to life, in a deep and meaningful way. Noumedynamic Training can be taken on its own, independently from the Diploma Program, or as the essential and required foundation of the Diploma Program.

Hands-On Practical Learning

As a student of the Double Diploma program, you develop this in-depth, all encompassing, multi-dimensional, Holistic understanding through a revolutionary new path of exploration that is engaging and profound. A process that instills an ability to listen, understand and communicate on progressively deeper dimensions, making all your relationships more therapeutic and meaningful: with yourself and others, both personally and professionally. You learn through experiential exercises, with personal facilitation, how to become a catalyst for change in yourself and others.

Address the whole person, as a whole, and not through parts

Our program teaches you how to explore the uniqueness of every individual, in a personalized way,  to uncover the unique “essence” that forms the basis of their wholeness. This essence forms the dynamic organizing principle that orchestrates all vital functions, on a dimension that is deeper than body, mind or emotions. Fine tune your ability to listen for, to hear and pay attention to the subtle differences of each individual.  Learn how to adapt your approach to the different and unique needs of each person.

Support Vitality, Well-Being, and Greater Wholeness

By exploring the underlying orchestrating essence of individual wholeness, the key to increased vitality, and well being is made visible and accessible. The individual can participate consciously in their healing process: the process of growing to greater wholeness. They experience an increased ability to accommodate change, and evolution as essential elements of life. A profound understanding of Holism, as the true force behind evolution, is an aspect that is unique to MICH teaching. It is through our understanding of how Holism operates that we are able to know how to turn dis-ease in all its forms into an opportunity for greater wholeness.

Turn Disease into Opportunity

A profound understanding of Holism, as the true force behind evolution, is an aspect that is unique to MICH teaching. It is through Holism that we are able  and how to turn dis-ease in all its forms into an opportunity for greater wholeness.

Learn to help others break through patterns, conditioning, resistance and limitations

By finding the root of each individual’s resistance to change, identification, insecurity, fears, and anxieties, you learn to help individuals find greater freedom of response, greater awareness, greater appreciation of life and their environment. This process has been proven to increase the quality of relationships, to help individuals develop greater optimism and objectivity.

Learn to Use Your Mind in Innovative Ways

Through an in-depth exploration of the different dimensions of consciousness, you will learn how to enter each dimension and apply it in your life and practice. Grow beyond analytical thinking to embrace contemplative practices that encourage insight. Use Holism to expand beyond current mechanistic concepts and our mechanical paradigm.

Embrace a Living, Evolving, Transformative Experience

Noumedynamic training is a unique transformative experience that will bring you great insights, and shift the way you perceive yourself, the world and others. It is a gift to yourself, one that will inspire you and energize your life, your work and your relationships.

In a Supportive, Holistic Learning Environment

The Noumedynamic Facilitator Training Program incorporates many ways of learning that are holistic and innovative.  The in-person explorations captured in live recordings of MICH workshops, interactive online classroom and forum,  holistic integration practices and personal facilitation are complemented by courses in different formats and venues:  online guided self study, live webinars, as well as in-person, individual and small group facilitation (Module 2 below).

Successful completion of the Noumedynamic Training Program includes the Foundations of Holistic Practice multi media online course (Module 1) and other complementary courses that deepen your understanding of Holism and Human health and well being (Module 2). Such as the following:

Discover Holism
Noumedynamic Health
Noumedynamic Dialogue

For more information on taking the Noumedynamic training on its own, independently from the Double Diploma MICH Program, please contact us via email at [email protected].


Program fees and course structure
Timeline: A complete calendar of MICH events, workshops and courses for the next year
Step by step application and acceptance process

Foundations of Holistic Practice
Learn more about the Foundations of Holistic Practice

Foundations of Holistic Practice is the heart and soul of MICH, bringing the MICH mission and vision to life. It’s the central pillar of MICH practice and the unique MICH method of therapeutic relationship. As such, it is a requirement for everyone in the MICH program, regardless of previous homeopathic or professional training. .

Learning happens in a stimulating and engaging environment through an organic process of self-inquiry, contemplation and dialogue. The MICH therapeutic relationship accesses a depth of human understanding that requires a personal transformation, a radical change in perception as well as the facilitation of whole brain functioning on the part of the practitioner. The training is designed for everyone: individuals seeking fuller lives and vitality, all types of professionals, as well as practicing homeopaths and homeopaths in training.

The MICH holistic teaching and learning environment encourages you to use the intelligence of your mind, body and emotions. 

Module 2. Noumedynamic Fundamentals
Learn more about Noumedynamic Fundamentals

Noumedynamic Fundamentals is an exciting exploration and grounding in the philosophy and the central principles of MICH practice involving multiple dimensions of life and consciousness. This module is also a requirement for everyone interested in the MICH program, regardless of previous homeopathic or professional training. It is offered via online including webinars and video presentations to accommodate your schedule and availability as well as in live, in person, small group facilitation.

Noumedynamic Fundamentals holds the unique emphasis on a holistic understanding of the human being and more importantly, learning to perceive what is unique to every individual. An insightful understanding of the true cause of suffering and disease forms the foundation of our method. A method that uses the most advanced techniques in the field of holistic health care and homeopathy




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