“I don’t ‘heal’ the client, as only the individual can do that.  I assist.  I listen.  Together we dance and we learn and we grow.  That’s what living is all about”

Ellen Bockus, BA, ND, NHC, Dhom

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Dialogue is a deep collective inquiry. Engaging fully in this type of inquiry can change the way our mind operates, as it stills the thought process and brings to light life-changing insights. At MICH we use dialogue to ask questions, communicate, share, and learn.

The MICH case-taking process is also a process of inquiry: a dialogue between homeopath and client. The MICH homeopath must take a case with optimal awareness and in a state of wholeness, oneness, or non-duality. This is challenging because the greater part of our thought process is unconscious and conditioned to operate from duality, division and from a sense of self as separate from the world.

Noumedynamic Dialogue is specific to uncovering the deepest dimensions of the individual. Perceiving the subtle, noumedynamic level of the individual is central to the holistic understanding taught at MICH. The noumenal dimension is a subtle, invisible, and immaterial level of life not accessible by the physical senses. It is often called the vital force, soul, or the organizational principle of the organism. We have gleaned from both Eastern and Western philosophies insight into this subtle level or “soul”.

The Noumedynamic process involves becoming aware of ourselves as “Noumenon” with an immaterial dimension, in contrast to knowing ourselves only as “phenomenon”, an object of the physical senses. It is a process of discovering the essence that distinguishes and animates, establishes and maintains, the organism as ONE unique WHOLE.

It is fascinating and awe inspiring to witness the deepest inner workings unfold and reveal the uniqueness of the individual.




• In person, small group facilitation


New dates to be announced


• $265


• Open to the public                                                                                                                 • Required course for MICH programs (Diploma and Noumedynamic Training)
• No pre-requisites required


• 1 CEU (20 credits)


• Melissa Dair DHom, ND

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