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Join the process of unfolding at the edge of evolution.

It’s your time to choose a vocation which will activate more of your life purpose, creativity, joy and lovingness. Holism is the force of evolution, the force which creates new life, new possibilities. The MICH Holistic program allows for your design to unfold from within you and beyond you, linking you with the people, actions and knowledge needed to fulfill your part in the bigger design.

A MICH Holistic practice is consistent with the true and essential nature of reality as revealed through science, traditional healing, spirituality and intuitive knowing. The purpose of the MICH program is to help you realize your potential to embrace, and help others embrace, the personal evolutionary process that frees untapped potentiality.

It’s time to choose a life that creates the experience of empathy, healing, hope, and the optimization of potential in you and others. Find out more at our next webinar.

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