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Expand your mind, your therapeutic capacities, your awareness, your professionalism, your understanding of the human journey, health, and the opportunity of disease. MICH offers a variety of special interest and professional courses both online and in-person. Add a holistic dimension to your practice and gain expertise in leading edge methods, and/or expertise in the health sciences. All MICH courses offer accredited continued education credits via our SOFEDUC accreditation.


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Title 1
Discover Holism

Discover Holism  is a course designed for every human desiring to explore the deeper dimensions and practical considerations of a holistic lifestyle or practice. Holism answers the questions that science alone or philosophy alone cannot. Questions such as: What is life? What is the soul? What drives evolution? What is the ultimate expression of the human being? What does the human being represent in creation?

Title 4
Holistic Nutrition Basics

in addition to understanding the science of Nutrition, Nutrition is presented from a holistic perspective: one that considers the immaterial, energetic and ecological aspects of food and eating. For example: from a biodynamic perspective, the earth is a living organism, and everything we eat is, or was, living, and part of that organism.

Title 5
Noumedynamic Dialogue

Dialogue is a deep collective inquiry. Engaging fully in this type of inquiry can change the way our mind operates, as it stills the thought process and brings to light life-changing insights. At MICH we use dialogue to ask questions, communicate, share, and learn in a small group, intimate setting that allows for personalized facilitation.

Title 2
Noumedynamic Health

Noumedynamic Health elucidates the REVOLUTIONARY Holistic approach to illness developed at MICH. It is an approach that reveals the meaning of disease as the dynamic partner of health. It explores what constitutes a truly curative process within a Holistic context. In Noumedynamic Health, you learn what is required to elicit a healing process within the organism, as a whole.

Title 3
First Aid Homeopathy

Learn for yourself how to use homeopathic remedies at home for you and your loved ones in emergencies big and small. A required course for those in the Homeopathy Diploma Program.

Title 6
Pathology and Pharmacology

The current medical model of pathology defines disease as a state with distinctive symptoms usually induced by a pathogen, a protein, or some other chemical culprit. Understanding the dynamic movement of life within the human body as an energy system lets us shift from a materially-based (antiquated allopathic) model to a third millennia, quantum view.

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Title 6
History of Medicine & Homeopathy

Medicine is an art and a science with a long and fascinating history dating back to the Ancient Egyptian Dynasties, early Chinese and Indian civilizations, and, in the west, to the ancient Greeks. These ancient civilizations possessed means that allowed them to discover, and precisely trace the meridian system, for example, with its thousands of nadis or acupuncture points. They developed an energetic map of the flow of vitality, which remains accurate, and is still taught over 4000 years later.

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