The Montreal Institute of Classical Homeopathy (MICH) continues to push the envelope of consciousness in a unique learning experience that coherently interweaves innovative research, leading-edge quantum medicine, and a multidimensional understanding of consciousness, holism and humanity.

University Kid 500x374Our online diploma program spans over a 3-year period and incorporates many ways of learning that are holistic and innovative.  The program includes:
•    Interactive webinars
•    Online practical manuals, research and reference materials
•    Audio-visual multi-media resources
•    On-line quizlets to integrate and test your knowledge
•    Self-study online courses with professional tutoring with MICH teachers
•    Clinical supervised internship
•    Missions to the MICH clinic in Honduras for front line, hands on homeopathy
•    One-on-one personal facilitation
•    Personal and individualized training, integration and supervision

In anticipation of the opening of the new session of the online diploma program, we will be providing detailed information in our upcoming newsletters  (If you’re not subscribed to our newsletter, you can sign up here). Our new program has everything you need to be a fully accredited professional homeopath: all required courses (including the health sciences), and clinical supervision.

Find out how you can prepare for the program, what the program involves, the payment plans and the schedule. You can begin the program at any time starting with the pre-requisite courses. For example: Discover Holism and Noumedynamic Health are available for you to start anytime.

Our next online diploma group will begin on January 31st, 2017 – watch our newsletter for updates or apply now to reserve your spot in the program.   We hope you will join us!


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