Homeopathy for Sunburns and Heatstroke

Homeopathy for Sunburns and Heatstroke

Too much sun can be a problem.

mother-84529_640A famous Quebec poet and song writer shared the sentiment perfectly: our oh so short summers interspersed by winters that are much too long. When the summer finally arrives in Quebec, we all want to benefit from the brief season and take in the maximum of sunshine. Doesn’t it feel great, to spend a day on the bike, in the canoe, on a beach or simply in the back yard feeling the heat penetrating your body?

But the shock when looking at your skin in the evening: as red as a crab and painful too! Bring out the aloe vera gel to sooth the skin immediately, but also check your homeopathic first aid kit because there are several remedies that can prevent sunburn damage to your skin:

[highlight color=”golden” style=”style-2″]Belladonna: [/highlight] when the skin is very red and hot and the person feels feverish.

[highlight color=”golden” style=”style-2″]Calendula: [/highlight] the burn is superficial.

[highlight color=”golden” style=”style-2″]Cantharis: [/highlight]: there is intense pain of the sunburn; it can prevent blisters.

[highlight color=”golden” style=”style-2″]Sol: [/highlight] this can be taken preventatively once a week for someone with pale skin who is easily affected by the sun.

[highlight color=”golden” style=”style-2″]Urtica Urens: [/highlight] when an itchy rash has come out after being in the sun.

Being in the sun and heat for too long, especially when not drinking enough fluids can cause headaches, or worse: a heat stroke. The person needs proper rehydration, for example, with apple juice diluted with water; or a (cooled down) herbal tea with hibiscus, rosehips, mint that help at the same time to cool down the body. Homeopathic remedies are very helpful to regain strength:

[highlight color=”golden” style=”style-2″]Belladonna: [/highlight] the person is feverish, hot and red; may even have delirium.

[highlight color=”golden” style=”style-2″]Bryonia: [/highlight] the headache is worse from least movement and the person has great thirst.

[highlight color=”golden” style=”style-2″]China: [/highlight] the person has lost a lot of fluids, maybe they have had a fever, had diarrhea or been drenched in sweat.

[highlight color=”golden” style=”style-2″]Carbo Veg: [/highlight] the person is seriously dehydrated and in shock. They are pale and seem almost lifeless.

For some people the summer is not a great season. They easily feel tired and weak from the heat and sun. Such discomfort is best helped with an individualized approach. In a consultation with a homeopath, the person expresses the deepest and fullest aspects of themselves. In this process a remedy is matched to the whole picture of symptoms, and is specific to that individual’s problems.

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Carla Marcelis, ND, DHom

Carla brings dedication, passion and expertise as mission leader to the MICH Honduras clinic and to her role as director and teacher at the Montreal Institute of Classical Homeopathy.  Visit her webpage to learn more about her and to read all of her blog posts.

Homeopathy for Sunburns and Heatstroke

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