A 7 year old steps beyond fear

Julia Thompson reports on a 7 year old boy who was unable to sleep in his own bed. He came on the request of his mother.  He is a gregarious boy with a good sense of humor, yet sensitive, experiencing violent thoughts, fearing pain and accidents, afraid at night, and having nightmares.

During the 2 case taking sessions in April and May 2011, he went into his depth of feeling to say, “My dreams are freaky, I’m in a cemetery at night and dead people come out of the ground.  Sometimes when I’m up, I”m sure there was a ghost.” He said he won’t sleep in his room because, “Deadly monsters and zombies will come out of my closet.”

He described that while awake, the fear “happened in a snap, and I couldn’t take a deep breath, I just need a deep, deep breathe.”  His mom said she sometimes found him in the corner with his eyes wide open.

After the two sessions his mom wrote to the homeopath to say, “the first thing the next morning he couldn’t wait to find out what his remedy is, I can’t tell you how special that is, it’s really a step beyond anything he has done outside the family at this level of intimacy, I think it has made him feel even more independent and authentically himself, so thank you!”  He was given a remedy after the second case taking.  According to his mom the remedy helped him so he no longer experienced the episodes of feeling like he couldn’t catch his breath, was not found in the corner anymore, and was able to sleep in his bed some nights.

Julia Thompson is a MICH homeopath and faculty member.  Click here to visit her profile.


A 7 year old steps beyond fear

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