“In my final year at university, I started to experience panic attacks. At the time, I didn’t really understand what was happening to me. While these attacks didn’t really affect my grades, I did notice them while lecturing during my seminar courses. Fortunately, it was at the end of term and I graduated without incident.

“Over the next ten years, my life became a living hell because of anxiety. I remember reading somewhere that it takes someone with anxiety disorder an average of ten years to seek treatment and that’s how long it took me. After a proper diagnosis, I got on medication and started to reclaim my life. Medication did help, but I found the many side-effects disturbing. I couldn’t concentrate for very long and this would affect my work. Also, I suffered from painful headaches, and sudden bursts of anger. After four years of this, I had enough. At the suggestion of a friend, I got off the medication, and I tried homeopathy.

“Well it’s been almost two years now and homeopathy has helped me in ways traditional medication could not. Since starting homeopathy, I have only taken two additional doses. This is to say, every time I have felt my anxiety coming back, I would simply take another dose and the anxiety would dissipate. At this rate, I take a homeopathic dose roughly every six months, which is far better than having to take a pill every day. Today, because of homeopathy, I live panic-free. I take comfort in knowing that if I have a setback, homeopathy will help because I know it works.

“What a truly wonderful therapy homeopathy is. In our family, we use homeopathy to treat almost every illness, and it has a huge positive impact on our health. I would strongly recommend homeopathy – it got to the root of the problem that plagued me for years and eliminated it.”

– A.J.G., Montreal, QC, February 2012


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