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Live Conferences about Holistic Consciousness

Here are just a few examples of the deep understanding of life integral to the MICH program that our founder, Judyann McNamara shares in our public conferences.

We hope you enjoy Judyann's lectures, they are inspired by her background as a physicist and biomedical researcher. It was experiments involving bio-photon exchange and transmission in living cells that caught her interest and sparked her to explore quantum biology and subtle energy fields which led to her formal study of homeopathy, holistic medicine and naturopathy, and to the founding of MICH.

Dancing with Duality

In this live public conference, Judyann explores the opposing forces on which life is based. The constant interchange of polar opposites establishes the movement of life: life is the physical expression of the yin and yang of the Dao. We experience this polarized dance of opposites on every level: energetically in our meridians and chakras, biochemically in every cell, tissue, muscle and organ, and psychologically in our perception of the world. This dance of opposites involves the push and pull of repulsion and attraction. A state of tension that is, by definition, new potential; the potential of new creation, of movement and of evolution.

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Where Mystery Meets Matter video
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Where Mystery Meets Matter

During two decades of evolution and refinement, MICH has developed and elaborated an exquisitely individualized, holistic understanding of health and disease, and a way to utilize homeopathy to its fullest potential. MICH holistic practice is supported by research and clinical experience. It emerged from the convergence of ancient spiritual wisdom and very recent, leading-edge research in quantum biology. It integrates the entire spectrum from the life-engendering soul to the vital flow that determines physical manifestations of health or disease.

Immerse yourself in an hour of exploration of the beauty and wonder of the deeper, invisible and immaterial organizing principle of the physical body and its relationship to higher levels of consciousness.

Interconnectedness and the Heart of Life

Learn the healing power of heart connectivity, and how to bring it into your life. Discover the true nature of our interconnectedness that MICH training brings to light throughout the program and in our practices. In this conference, Judyann explores the exciting new research that reveals a subtle yet influential electromagnetic or “energetic” communication system that operates just below our conscious level of awareness: a system that interconnects all living beings and all of nature.

Interconnectedness and the Heart of Life video
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Public Webinars

In our continued efforts to empower all humans to face health challenges and improve the integrity of their health and well being in a holistic way, MICH offers free webinars open to everyone who is interested in the latest research and the profound understanding that comes from a holistic perspective.

The Human Microcosm

Are you interested in diet, holistic nutrition, and holistic lifestyles? 

Listening to this event will forever change your view about food and the physical, material “reality” of the world. You will learn to see your body from a quantum perspective and discover the energetic reality that enlivens it. Be ready to learn about yourself as an energetic, cosmic, super-organism as you explore the foundations of studying nutrition and naturopathy at MICH.

The Human Microcosm
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Quantum Biology – A Fascinating Dimension of Life
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Quantum Biology – A Fascinating Dimension of Life

This presentation will help you understand how quantum biology is at the basis of life and why Mitochondria have risen to an unprecedented peak of popularity. They are particularly in vogue with Paleo diet enthusiasts, runners and bodybuilders, people interested in stress management, and researchers looking into the mechanisms of aging and chronic diseases such as diabetes, and Alzheimers’ disease. And researchers have discovered that mitochondria are much more than powerhouses, they are the intelligence that controls the nuclei of every cell in our body, and all epigenetic processes!

Homeopathy: Your Gateway to Health in the 3rd Millennium video
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Homeopathy: Your Gateway to Health in the 3rd Millennium

After learning how our discoveries about mitochondrial functions are revolutionizing the medical model in the Quantum Biology webinar, we follow up with a quick historical overview of western medicine and its original integrative roots.  These roots were lost after the second world war, but now experiencing a resurgence due to exciting new discoveries. Current trends in medical research now support individualized, integrative intervention on a more subtle, quantum level to reduce side effects and be more effective. In this presentation, we understand how health and disease are strongly linked to adaptation and evolution, and the crucial role that homeopathy plays.

The Ancient Concept of the “Soul” or the “Vital Force” video
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The Ancient Concept of the “Soul” or the “Vital Force”

This webinar delves into the research that shows exactly how stress affects the vital force and why stress is such a key factor in the development of chronic disease. It also explores the uniqueness of each individual’s source of stress, and the fascinating relationship between what stresses us and what inspires us. Discover how that which brings meaning and awe to our lives, and animates us, is also that which brings us our health challenges.

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