What makes MICH unique

MICH is unlike any other holistic health school

The people who are drawn to MICH are intrigued by the prospects of quantum biology and the application of a third-millennium medicine that is able to affect that subtle, and fundamental level of life processes.

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You are attracted to holistic, interdisciplinary perspectives and the exploration of the role of consciousness in both health and disease.

You seek a method that reveals the root cause of suffering: physical, mental and emotional, and can help humanity take the next step of evolution.

What you'll find at MICH is a complete system of holistic understanding that seamlessly interweaves homeopathic, naturopathic and holistic practice into an integrated methodology.​

G4 group at MICH

You’ll also discover a whole community of people from every discipline, various backgrounds and origins who are engaged and passionate about the deep, most meaningful aspects of life. What you learn, and come to cherish, is the unique approach and insightful understanding emerging from the MICH Noumedynamic Method™.

The MICH Method™ is a transformative process involving three areas of development:

The exploration of consciousness in its universal, collective, and individual forms, and its material, rational, and contemplative dimensions provides immense insight into, and compassion for, the human condition.

Pathology and Pharmacology course

Embracing the emerging quantum reality and what it is revealing about life, health and existence permits glimpses of the immaterial realm at the origins of the life force and vitality.

Engaging whole-brained functioning and whole organism perception through full presence: body, mind, soul, provide the means to creatively interact with our environment in innovative ways that support life and evolution.

This three-fold path of wholeness leads to an integral existence.

The integrated and integral human sees and accepts his or her limitations and inevitable faults. And, ironically, it is this fully embraced self-acceptance that allows the emergence of one’s potential, and the ability to be present in a way that inspires emergence in others.

The MICH Noumedynamic Method™ is the foundation on which our therapeutic relationship and intervention is based.  It is challenging, yet requires no particular or exceptional abilities: simply the desire to be fully alive, and come to a full appreciation of what life means.

Coming to MICH means finding deep, long-lasting relationships in an always evolving, enriching community of fellow graduates, as well as becoming a solid contributing member of the international community of homeopaths.

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