Well, we may not be ready to give in to it, as can be seen by those who are still wearing shorts and sandals, but the cooler weather is here and our organisms are needing to adapt to this change. We are already getting calls for help from people and especially children with colds. Children are going back to school and may be adjusting to a new environment, new class mates and other changes. Although on the surface we may feel that we welcome change, our organisms might be living a not so easy deeper experience, which may be expressed in symptoms. This is a perfect time to meet your homeopath who can help you express and understand the deeper meaning of change for you specifically. Our uniqueness is especially apparent in how we adapt to new and changing circumstances. In addition to the homeopathic process, it is very helpful to observe your body’s reactions to changes in temperature. And explore how diet and lifestyle can have an impact on your energy and comfort levels. In this season it is often helpful for most people to start eating more cooked foods and warming soups and slow down on the salads and raw fruits and vegetables. The spices that we might have left aside during the summer can come back into our diets now and provide us with their warming energy. Examples are cinnamon and cloves, which are included in many traditional recipes in this part of the world!

Adapting to Fall Weather
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