Adolescent with Learning Disabilities

Adolescent with Learning Disabilities

This is the case of a 14 year old boy who was helped with homeopathy.  Since two years of age, his parents had been aware of behavioural problems.  He was socially awkward, had difficulty with any change and was having a lot of frustration.  He had been diagnosed with learning challenges, including ADHD, and doctors were thinking he had Asperger’s and wanted to put him on medication.  The parents were anxious to help their son.

Child struggling with learning

Before Homeopathic Intervention

When he came to me, he was finishing off Grade 7 which had been a very difficult year for him.  Although he pretended to be excited about school, he began skipping classes and would go home to play video games.  He explained that he was overwhelmed and anxious and that there was “too much in his head”.  He felt pressured by both his teachers and his parents.

During his early years, he demonstrated a variety of challenges:  he did not interact in play, showed awkward gross motor skills and difficulty with fine motor skills.  He had difficulty understanding simple tasks, and avoided things that were frustrating or overwhelming. He got bored easily and became restless, finding it difficult to settle down and concentrate.  He did show ability to hyper focus, on video games especially, but then would find it hard to detach himself.

Beginning in grade 2, he complained of tummy aches and asked to be homeschooled where it would be quieter, calmer and he would feel more comfortable.  He developed sensitivity to sounds and smells, and allergies became apparent.  He became especially sensitive and reactive to opposition, when people disagreed with him, or when he was corrected, becoming frustrated and angry.  He often blamed other people for his errors.

After receiving a detailed history from the mother, and then meeting with him and his mother, the teenager’s “picture” was well-filled-out.  A similimum was chosen and one dose given.

After Homeopathic Intervention

When he returned to school the following year, he was more settled, calmer and happy to go back.  His anxiety had decreased.  Overall, his thinking was not as scattered.  There was no skipping class.  Teachers said that his behaviour had changed like night and day from the previous year.  He was coping much better, was less offended by feedback and more willing to talk things out, and had very few angry outbursts.  In his own words “I am more enthusiastic now and less grumpy.  I can focus better. I feel  like I belong and nothing bugs me this year”.

He continues to be followed with homeopathy to assist him with the life challenges that arise.  Recently he shared with me a personal victory – he attended a summer program and was chosen as the most valuable participant.

Janice Newton –  DHom

With an education focused on human relations, Janice has more than 30 years of experience designing and implementing programs for the personal development of young and older adults. She is recognized for her skill in supporting students to move into their full potential. Visit her profile page in our professional directory to learn more.

Adolescent with Learning Disabilities

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