An unforgettable and fun experience

Clinic4Claudia and Carla collaborate on many consultsWhen asked if I was interested in joining the November 2014 HTSF mission to Honduras, I did not hesitate to say yes, even though at the time I was living in Europe with my husband and four boys. I knew that, once again, I wanted to be a part of such an incredible mission. Very few experiences in my life have been as educational and rewarding as was my first mission to Honduras in November 2012.

Being in Honduras brings acute and first aid homeopathy to another level. You are seeing patients every 15-20 minutes, each with an array of different symptoms and chief complaints. It is fascinating and heartbreaking to see patients walking five hours to come to our Clinic, some holding their babies and wearing nothing but sandals on their feet. They are so happy and appreciative to receive our homeopathic advice and treatments. It is so rewarding when patients return to the Clinic (where they were seen by fellow homeopaths in previous missions) saying “The drops I took last time really helped me.”

Being fluent in Spanish was definitely helpful to me. It was at times difficult for me to understand the subtleties and innuendoes of the local Spanish, but within a few days I was getting the hang of things and translating for my colleagues who were not Spanish-speaking.

The learning which takes place during the HTSF missions is unparalleled to that in any classroom setting. Despite the long hours (7 am – 9 pm), our days are filled with learning and hands-on experience. It is like an intensive two-week homeopathic first aid course. In addition, working alongside Martine Jourde and fellow MICH graduates and faculty makes this experience a fun and unforgettable one.

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Claudia Burke-Cytrynbaum, BSN, DHom

In addition to working in her private practice, and being a mother to four young boys, Claudia is also an active member of HTSF.  Her volunteer work on 2 missions to Honduras (2012, 2014),  have enriched both her personal and professional life.

An unforgettable and fun experience

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