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The Living Body

Dynamic energy running

By embracing the human organism as a dynamic energy system, we can better understand the interchange between our body, mind and spirit

The world of subtle energy, of quantum processes, of biophotons and light-based cellular communication opens our minds to what we already know in our hearts about the living body. We are, and everything in the physical world is, made of light. We are energy, and live in a realm of energy. When the human body is viewed as an energy system, we derive a much more subtle and deeper understanding of its functions and state. Understanding these energetic dynamics of the human energy field helps us to appreciate the body’s responses, and to understand the changes in susceptibility which lead to both evolution and disease.

The current medical model lacks this dimension. Its anatomy is based on drawings of the dissection of cadavers. Its physiology is limited to the chemical dimension of processes that occur on a much more subtle dimension. This course attempts to bring an energetic and holistic dimension to the current model by preceding each unit with an introduction that holds a holistic, dynamic perspective of the living organism.

Like other college level anatomy and physiology courses, MICH Anatomy & Physiology also provides an overview and the vocabulary of the structure and functioning of the human body; the organization of each organ system on cellular, tissue and organ level; homeostasis and interaction between systems as proposed by the current medical model. In this way, homeopaths and other holistic practitioners can communicate effectively with the medical profession and their clients.

But unlike other courses, simultaneous to studying the current model, a shift towards a more subtle and deeper understanding is facilitated. Those taking this course are asked to look critically at the current material model in ways that will encourage the understanding of the necessity of a bigger paradigm that embraces the deeper dimensions and dynamic movement of life.

Carla Marcelis teaches this course in collaboration with Judyann McNamara so that together, they bring to life the many dimensions of the living body. This is a fully accredited course required by most alternative and complementary professional associations.

This course can be taken as a stand alone course by anyone needing human health sciences to fulfill professional requirements or for personal interest.  It is offered in a guided home study format with tutoring to easily accommodate busy schedules and people from out of town. The basic principles are integrated through self-tests, research projects and on-line discussions. All our courses provide CEUs (Continuing Education University & Professional Credits accredited by SOFEDUC).




• Online self-study
• Fifteen units with quizzes and a final exam
• Holistic Integration exercises to shift your paradigm
• Online classroom for student-teacher and student-student discussions/questions


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• Included in the Foundation Courses Package


• $800


• Open to the public
• No pre-requisites required.


• 20 CEUs (200 credits)


• Carla Marcelis DHom, N.D.
• Judyann McNamara (founder of MICH) DHom, N.D., CCH

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