Author: Judyann McNamara

Heart of Gold

Be awestruck by the beauty of the immaterial dimension and the sacred geometry that forms and informs the heart, and our health Disease, health, life—these are verbs, not nouns. They are dynamic processes, a constant flux and flow and interchange. This foundation is the true basis of medicine—as well as of a healing process for[…]

Compassion or Over-Care

For people who care deeply for others, it is often difficult to distinguish between balanced care and over-care. Over-care is misconstrued as affection, compassion, care-taking or empathy. An example of over-care is worry. Does worrying really do anything for someone else? Worrying does however, take a toll on your own health: causing stress, anxiety, aging,[…]

Heart Centering Meditation

Watch a demonstration of the heart centering sequence Practice the heart centering sequence to use your heart’s energy field and intelligence to reduce stress levels and optimize your own inner “coherence”.  Coherence corresponds to the efficient or optimal functioning of your body’s systems due to a measurable degree of order, harmony and stability in the[…]

Déchiffrez les messages de votre COEUR

Déchiffrez les messages de votre COEUR Ce n’est pas sans raison que la maladie cardiaque et la dépression sont si répandues dans notre société: nous ne savons pas comment écouter notre coeur! Nous avons commencé à explorer la façon d’écouter la sagesse de notre coeur dans’Following the Wisdom of your Heart’ que vous trouverez dans[…]

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