Author: Suzana Da Costa

Homeopathy: THE Medicine of the Third Millenium

Homeopathy: THE Medicine of the Third Millennium by Judyann McNamara, DHom CCH ND founder of the Montreal Institute of Classical Homeopathy   Current perspectives in conventional medicine are moving towards a holistic model that supports the MICH understanding of pathogenesis, will be elaborated in the article, Bringing Homeopathy to New Depths. Perhaps even more importantly,[…]

What guides your life?

What guides YOUR life? What inspires you, and fuels you with curiosity and wonder? For Judyann, the question has always been “What is the nature of our uniqueness?”, and it’s this question that has inspired her exploration of how to illuminate and reveal the unique nature of our soul.

Dix choses faisant entrave aux relations interpersonnelles et à une véritable connexion

Être entendu et accepté est un besoin humain profond. Fournir cet espace pour quelqu’un d’autre par une écoute attentive peut être très satisfaisant et valorisant, et c’est nécessaire pour nos relations intimes et professionnelles. Ce courant de partage et d’écoute au sein d’une relation mène à une profondeur significative. 

Decipher your Heart’s Messages

As in any part of the body, the heart can be explored to discover the possible opportunity for greater wholeness beckoned by the body’s symptoms. If the usual “ways inward” such as looking at what was happening in your life when the symptoms started, or what is causing stress in your life, we can sometimes[…]

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