Author: Suzana Da Costa

Decipher your Heart’s Messages

As in any part of the body, the heart can be explored to discover the possible opportunity for greater wholeness beckoned by the body’s symptoms. If the usual “ways inward” such as looking at what was happening in your life when the symptoms started, or what is causing stress in your life, we can sometimes[…]

Faites un pas en avant vers votre rêve

Médecins, infirmières, praticiens de la santé et patients se rendent compte que quelque chose manque au sein de la médecine occidentale. Il y a une demande croissante pour une médecine holistique, pour une compréhension corps-mental-émotions. Les gens sont conscients qu’il manque quelque chose, et ils ont raison. Tel qu’expliqué dans notre dernier courriel, la médecine occidentale[…]

Take Your First Step Towards Your Dream

Medical Doctors, nurses, health care providers and patients are realizing that there is something missing from western medicine.There is a growing demand for integrative, holistic medicine, body-mind understanding. They know something is missing, and they are right. As we explained in the last newsletter, Western medicine has lost its roots and the two essential principles that are required[…]

Qu’est-ce qu’une véritable guérison?

La guérison n’est pas qu’un simple processus de cueillette d’information. La guérison est un processus vivant impliquant toutes les parties de notre être: corps, pensées, émotions et âme. Ce processus requiert notre plein engagement, notre pleine présence et toute la profondeur de notre compréhension. Devenir un praticien holistique ou un homéopathe qui peut utiliser toute[…]

What is True Healing?

Healing is not simply a process of gathering information. Healing is a living process that involves all parts of our being: body, mind, emotions and soul. It is a process that requires our full engagement, our full presence and depth of understanding. Becoming a holistic practitioner or a homeopath who can utilize the full power of[…]

Living Signals

Having trouble losing that extra weight from the holidays? You might be overlooking the most important element of your metabolism: the signals sent to your body by the food you eat. We know that a Homeopathic remedy is a signal. But, so is your food, your environment, and every thought, color, sound, sensation, smell and[…]

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