Beings of Light

Would you like to know the most powerful way to invigorate your entire being and imbue your life with meaning? As ‘Beings of Light’, it’s inner medicine that you’re looking for…

In this segment of the ‘Heart of Gold’ series you will find out more about the creation of ‘beings of light’, as well as why we  sleep, what happens when we do, and learn how the complex interplay of wavefronts actually comes together to form and maintain the human body, as well as provide us with the true meaning of life.

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The Noumedynamic Model created at MICH, reflects an awareness of the “noumenal” dimension.  This subtle, invisible, and immaterial level of life not accessible by the physical senses is often called the vital force, soul, or the organizational principle of the living organism. It is a dynamic principle – a movement engendered by Noume or soul.

Light is the basis of life. Light is captured by plants which transform light into food for all living beings on the planet.

The difference between living matter and non-living matter is NOT simply the result of physical constituents. There needs to be an essential factor added to the carbon dioxide and water in order to form living substances. The essential factor is light, not only as an electromagnetic wave, but also as the planetary forces which form the etheric, life-giving quality of the light from the sun.

As we learn in the MICH course: Holistic Nutrition Basics, plants capture the energy of sunlight in their chloroplasts imbuing it with their own vibration, and this vital vibrational signal is received by our mitochondria. When we eat food it must be digested, assimilated and then eventually transformed into energy that can be used to move our muscles. This transformation happens in the mitochondria of every cell, where the quantum process of releasing the light captured by the chloroplasts of the plants occurs. Life is light, first captured, then released.

Furthermore, plants condense their vital energy and that from the sun into their seeds. The seed, as well as the sprout, hold all the information and energy necessary to form the entire plant. That is why seeds and sprouts are such a fabulous source of life enhancing vital energy signals.

All life on earth is dependent on plants to provide food and the special energy signals crucial for the creation and maintenance of living organisms. Food is “living light” bringing formative information and an energy stimulus to our life force.

In the video presentation, Beings of Light, (linked above) you will see how light can also be “captured” by our mitochondria in our moments of awe and whenever we are “moved”. Our light bodies are nourished when we allow ourselves to feel how our soul is moved, and allow ourselves to be moved by our soul, and this is the basis of the Noumedynamic Human. This is how we can nourish ourselves spiritually, mentally and emotionally. This is the type of nourishment that provides the basis of well being and meaning in life.

May your being and heart be full of love and light throughout the new year!

Judyann McNamara – ND, DHom, CCH

Originally a physicist and biomedical researcher, Judyann has had a clinical practice for over 15 years, has held conferences since 1984 and has been a teacher of courses in physics, health sciences, homeopathy, holism and spirituality since 1975.  To learn more about Judyann, visit her profile page in our Professional Directory or click here to read more posts by Judyann.

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Anne Landry, MBA, CFA

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Beings of Light

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