Inspirations that Facilitate Holistic Consciousness

What's it like to study at MICH?

Ego Alchemy

We create our diseases unconsciously and unintentionally, but we can also consciously create health and wellbeing. As part of the MICH mission to expand consciousness in humanity, we are offering a FREE seven week process to help you create health and wellbeing in yourself. The ego is the power to be reckoned with for both healing and preventing chronic dis-ease. There are intricate body – mind symptom and disease-causing mechanisms that occur when your ego

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Heart of gold meditation

Heart of Gold Meditation

Follow your energy inwards – towards your soul, inner light and energetic infrastructure of your vital energy This meditation will

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Heart of gold

Heart of Gold

Be awestruck by the beauty of the immaterial dimension and the sacred geometry that forms and informs the heart, and

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One Program
= 3 Diplomas

Learn the pillars of complementary and alternative medicine together in ONE program. Graduate with diplomas in homeopathy, naturopathy and holistic practice.

More than a certificate, MICH offers a complete system of understanding.

The complexity of health and disease cannot be grasped in a 6-month course, and a holistic practice cannot flourish based on a series of techniques.

Our Online Program is Internationally Accredited

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