Inspirations that Facilitate Holistic Consciousness

Your Body as a Symbol: An Energy Exercise to Discover the Messages in Your Shoulders and Arms

YOUR SHOULDERS ARE ABOUT HOW YOU CHOOSE TO USE YOUR ENERGY IN YOUR RELATIONSHIPS AND ACTIONS  By understanding the body as symbol, you can begin to explore the subtle energy flows through your body and learn how to positively impact your health and wellbeing The energy in your shoulders flows directly from your heart’s electromagnetic field: a field that can be measured 6 feet away. The heart’s energy field fuels the flow of life energy

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What Guides Your Life?

What is the question that inspires your life and fuels your curiosity and wonder?  For me, it’s been:“What is the

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What is True Healing?

What is True Healing? Healing is not simply a process of gathering information. Healing is a living process that involves

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Transforming Addiction into Opportunity

Food and alcohol cravings, bad relationships, gambling, gaming, workaholism, obsession with exercise or appearance, hallucinogens, spiritual experiences, information addiction, multiple

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Creating Time

Perceiving Time as a Barrier Feeling rushed, hurried, going from one task to the next, endless to-dos on your list?

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What Happens to Us When We Procrastinate? Almost everything we do is compensation for, or avoidance of, emotional or physical

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What's it like to study at MICH?

Ego Alchemy

We create our diseases unconsciously and unintentionally, but we can also consciously create health and wellbeing. As part of the

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Heart of gold meditation

Heart of Gold Meditation

Follow your energy inwards – towards your soul, inner light and energetic infrastructure of your vital energy This meditation will

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Heart of gold

Heart of Gold

Be awestruck by the beauty of the immaterial dimension and the sacred geometry that forms and informs the heart, and

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