Inspirations that Facilitate Holistic Consciousness

Natural health tips for colds and fevers

Natural approaches to supporting your body during cold and flu season, which include a good similimum are part of your whole health this season. The start of the year and the return to school after the holidays brings many opportunities to be exposed to viruses. It brings up the question of how to stay healthy throughout the winter season. Maybe your toddler is in daycare and has come down with colds or even ear infections.

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journal prompts

Journal Prompts for the New Year

Journal prompts are starting points for encouraging a dialogue with ourselves that facilitates our evolution. What is virtually free, simple or elaborate, can take 5

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Winter Solstice Meditation

On this, the shortest day of the year, the rising of the sun echoes the birth of light after having been plunged into darkness. Since

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One Program
= 3 Diplomas

Learn the pillars of complementary and alternative medicine together in ONE program. Graduate with diplomas in homeopathy, naturopathy and holistic practice.

More than a certificate, MICH offers a complete system of understanding.

The complexity of health and disease cannot be grasped in a 6-month course, and a holistic practice cannot flourish based on a series of techniques.

Our Online Program is Internationally Accredited

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