An Anthroposophical Spring Cleanse

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An Anthroposophical Spring Cleanse

It’s spring in the Northern Hemisphere, and for our body, always in tune with nature, it is the natural time to renew itself. We are naturally drawn to fresh salads and leafy greens as they start to reappear in our gardens and markets. These foods help our body to cleanse, and our liver to rid itself of metabolic toxins accumulated over the winter. Some people use herbal detoxification remedies to complement a spring cleansing diet. However, many herbal preparations can negatively affect the liver, cause inflammation in some of the organs or may be contraindicated for certain medications. The safest and most effective way to detox is to use Homeopathic Remedies. In the right combination, Homeopathic Remedies not only purify the blood, tissues and organs, but also nourish cells, tissues, and organs, and enhance their functioning.

Preparing the passageways of excretion

It doesn’t make sense to release the toxins from the cells, tissues, and organs into the bloodstream if you’re not eliminating properly. So the ideal combination would also first open the emunctories: ensuring that the kidneys, colon, lungs and skin can efficiently eliminate the toxins that are being released from the cells, tissues, and organs. Without taking this precautionary step, there can be negative side effects: such as dizziness, indigestion, or headaches.

The remedy combinations are formulated using Anthroposophical principles based on an energetic understanding of the body and nature. Anthroposophical medicine is a complete system of western medicine based on an energetic understanding of health, applying principles similar to those of Chinese medicine. Anthroposophy uses homeopathic preparations to provide information to the organism in order to permit the re-establishment of balance. A number of homeopathic remedies are combined with the aim of having one single energetic directive. This energetic signal does not replace the similimum, it enhances the action of the core remedy by providing better detoxification of the organism. Their deep cleansing action allows the organism to restart the enzyme system and return the tissues to their primary functions. This will help return the organism to allostasis (homeostasis).

These formulations have been clinically tested by medical doctors practicing anthroposophical medicine (especially in Germany and Switzerland and the US) for almost 100 years. The final 100 formulas were guided by clinical results. A cleanse should be individualized. A session with your MICH homeopath can help you determine which combination is best suited for your constitution, and your body, at this moment in time.

A MICH graduate, Roberta Vienneau, has recently published a thorough and fascinating book on Anthroposophical medicine, “The Whole Person: Advancing an Anthroposophic Paradigm for Holistic Health and Homeopathy” . This book should appeal to anyone who is interested in holistic health, anthroposophy, homeopathy, naturopathy, integrative medicine, philosophy, and spirituality.

Here is her description of her book which is available through and in both Kindle and hardcover formats.

The Whole Person: Advancing an Anthroposophic Paradigm for Holistic Health and Homeopathy

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