The Energetic Pattern Underlying Chronic Stress

This interesting case of a 46 year old female, who presented with fatigue, and migraines, demonstrates a process over two years with monthly follow-ups initially then follow-ups every few months as the vitality and positive changes unfold. Her other complaints were: Insomnia, unable to sleep without OTC medication; Allergies – antihistamines daily, sneezing, crying; Constipation for many years, OTC medication. Migraines can last 3 days and are debilitating. Frequency is 3x per month. Difficulty focusing, forgetfulness.

Body-Mind Homeopathic Success With an 11 Year Old Child

Here is an Interesting case of a child with stomach cramps, fear of the dark and teeth grinding. In this case, which is illustrative of the MICH Method, homeopath, MICH teacher and clinical supervisor, Adam Fiore, demonstrates how we match the client’s sensations and energy to the sensations and energy experienced in provings. In this case,  to the Fungi family, where Agaricus which is a homeopathic remedy made from that mushroom was given. To learn more about pediatric case taking, listen to the audio presentation by Adam: Free Course in Child Case Taking in Homeopathy.

A Free Course in Child Case taking in Homeopathy

Homeopathic remedies are very safe, effective and mild for infants and children of all ages. They are especially effective for children. Children have a naturally higher vitality than adults and because homeopathic remedies work by stimulating the vitality, homeopathic medicines are extra effective during childhood.

5 Things to Know Before you do a Spring Detox or Cleanse

spring detox diet

As the warm weather approaches and thoughts turn to shedding our winter coats and boots, we often approach our diet with the same attitude.    Here are 5 things to know before you do a spring detox of your diet this year…

TCM Seasons: Supporting the Shift from Summer to Fall

summer to fall

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) views with great importance the transition from the active energy of the Fire element (summer) to the more inward energy of the Metal (fall) and Water (winter elements. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and other ancient medical systems teach us to move with the seasons. Specifically, TCM views with great importance the […]

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