A Case illustrating the long term power of the well chosen similimum using the MICH Method

This case demonstrates the MICH Method using the resources provided by modern homeopaths in an integrated way, and how the materia medica and themes of the similimum shines light on the whole dynamic of the individual. This case demonstrates how the diverse Materia Medica each describe a different dimension of the individual. Christiane discovered homeopathy […]

Techniques for the Uninitiated on the Path to Consciousness

Techniques for the Uninitiated on the Path to Consciousness Stepping into a journey of self-discovery and heightened awareness is a transformative experience. For the uninitiated, seeking to become more conscious might be perceived as a daunting task, as the day-to-day experience can often seem like a looping rollercoaster of emotional, behavioural, or limbic reactivity with […]

Inquiry as a Tool for Conscious Realization

As a human being, you have the opportunity to realize that never, not even for an instant, are you separate from consciousness, love, the source of everything. Where are you in your realization of this statement? Do you get this conceptually but feel like the demands of life get in the way of you understanding […]

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