Author : Judyann McNamara, DHOM, N.D., DHP

Ego Alchemy & The Noumedynamic Method

Ego Alchemy and the Noumedynamic Method A Revolutionary Therapeutic Relationship At the core of the Ego Alchemy Process is the MICH Noumedynamic Method ™ . The Noumedynamic Method provides unique personal facilitation designed to incite a deeper level of transformation. The Noumedynamic Method is not psychological. Psychology considers the human being as a bounded being,[…]


What Happens to Us When We Procrastinate? Almost everything we do is compensation for, or avoidance of, emotional or physical discomfort, and that is what procrastination is all about: your body-mind organism trying to find relief from discomfort. The case of procrastination, when we face a task or activity that we find aversive, challenging, or[…]

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