Finding The Energetic Similimum

Homeopathic Sponge Remedy This case demonstrates how repertorization can be useful to provide a good initial response but that selecting a similimum based on the themes and sensations based on an understanding of the deeper dimensions of the individual brings the case and improvement much further, and longer. A 23 year old female first consulted […]

Exploring Astrology, Homeopathy and the MICH Method

Exploring Astrology, Homeopathy, and the MICH Method While practicing astrology before I was a homeopath, I often felt there was something missing in my practice.  While helpful to a certain extent, sessions sometimes felt superficial and while ‘aha’ moments did occur, I sometimes felt ill-equipped.  I was especially uncomfortable when asked to predict something, or […]

Journal Prompts for the New Year

journal prompts

Journal prompts are starting points for encouraging a dialogue with ourselves that facilitates our evolution. What is virtually free, simple or elaborate, can take 5 minutes or a few hours, can include ink, paint, stickers, photos, paper, tape, glue, sparkles and be a doorway to your unconscious and potential self?  Journalling!   Journals are truly what […]

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