Exploring Astrology, Homeopathy and the MICH Method

Exploring Astrology, Homeopathy, and the MICH Method While practicing astrology before I was a homeopath, I often felt there was something missing in my practice.  While helpful to a certain extent, sessions sometimes felt superficial and while ‘aha’ moments did occur, I sometimes felt ill-equipped.  I was especially uncomfortable when asked to predict something, or[…]

10 Things that get in the way of Relationship and Connection

Being heard and accepted is a deep need in all humans. Providing that space for another through attentive listening can be very satisfying and fulfilling, and is necessary for both our intimate and professional relationships. The flow of sharing and listening within a relationship leads to meaningful depth.We sometimes ignore or don’t realize that our[…]

A Free Course in Child Case taking in Homeopathy

Child Case taking Homeopathic remedies are very safe, effective and mild for infants and children of all ages. They are especially effective for children. Children have a naturally higher vitality than adults and because homeopathic remedies work by stimulating the vitality, homeopathic medicines are extra effective during childhood. Prescribing the most effective energetic simillimum for[…]

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