Biodynamic Gardening

At the Montreal Institute of Classical Homeopathy (MICH), we have found that the diverse themes in the various materia medica can be integrated into a rich tapestry of human understanding that brings remedies to life. We recognize that the precious, and varied contributions of the world’s homeopaths provide distinct “windows” of understanding, corresponding to diverse dimensions of human expression, and most importantly, the somatic dimensions (symptoms) related to the concept of self.

Anxiety and Fatigue after Cancer Surgery

A 67 year old retired psychologist was experiencing anxiety, extreme fatigue, sleep difficulties: taking an hour to fall asleep and waking up around 3 or 4 am without being able to fall back asleep after having undergone a mastectomy with lymph node removal after diagnosis of adenocarcinoma of the right breast. She had declined chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Hormonal treatment with Letrozole was started after the 6-month visit with the surgeon to alleviate her fear that the cancer will come back.

Popular Diets, the Microbiome and your Health

Carla shares her profound understanding of the human body, digestion and the microbiome in particular, to equip you to be able to discern the claims of popular diets, herbs, and supplements, and empower you to design a personalized, sustainable diet that will optimize your health and your bodyweight for the rest of your life.

An Anthroposophical Spring Cleanse

During the Spring we are naturally drawn to fresh salads and leafy greens as they start to reappear in our gardens and markets. These foods help our body to cleanse, and our liver to rid itself of metabolic toxins accumulated over the winter. Some people use herbal detoxification remedies to complement a spring cleansing diet. However, many herbal preparations can negatively affect the liver, cause inflammation in some of the organs or may be contraindicated for certain medications. The safest and most effective way to detox is to use Homeopathic Remedies. In the right combination, Homeopathic Remedies not only purify the blood, tissues and organs, but also nourish cells, tissues, and organs, and enhance their functioning.

Freedom From the Inner Critic

Manifestations of the inner critic include any and all the thoughts based in comparison, what you have done “wrong”, or could have done wrong, “should” statements, and labeling or generalizations about yourself.

Doorways to Freedom

Are you a prisoner of your thoughts, or worse yet, your inner judge? Do you wish you could escape the clamour of your own inner mental chatter? Our experiences of limitation and suffering are created inside our head, not by external circumstances. True freedom is attained through a shift in the perceiver, and more importantly, where we are perceiving from.

Compassion or Over-care

For people who care deeply for others, it is often difficult to distinguish between balanced care and over-care. Over-care is misconstrued as affection, compassion, care-taking or empathy. An example of over-care is worry. Does worrying really do anything for someone else? Obviously not. Worrying does however, take a toll on your own health: causing stress, anxiety, aging, inflammation and contributing to the creation of chronic disease.

What is True Healing?

Healing is not simply a process of gathering information. Healing is a living process that involves all of our being: body, mind, emotions and soul – as a whole. It is a process that requires our full engagement, our full presence and depth of understanding. It is helpful, and often essential to have the support and guidance from a holistic practitioner who can help us explore dimensions that are rarely revealed in conventional settings, so as to maximize the full power of the vital force.

The Body as Symbol: The Ankles

By understanding the body as symbol, you can begin to explore the subtle energy flows through your body and the impact on your holistic health. A deeper awareness will then let you gain insights through body-mind connections that bring to light the unconscious inner dynamics that restrict your full potential and expression. You will also discover how homeopathy, as a vibrational medicine, works with the unique expression of the individual to liberate these flows.

How Healthy are You? Take our Quiz to Find Out

You may be surprised to discover that how you rate your health is more reliable than any other diagnostic tool! Self-rated health (SRH) is the single best predictor of how well someone will do and how long they will live over the next 20–30 years. SRH is an independent predictor of mortality, above and beyond physician assessments of health.

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