How Does a Homeopathic Remedy Work?

The results of homeogenomic studies have begun to recognize which of the estimated 25,000 human genes are targeted by different homeopathic remedies and how the expression profiles of these targeted genes are rearranged.” The homeopathic remedy does not effect the genome directly, it does through the mediation of the mitochondria.

How Healthy are You? Take our Quiz to Find Out

You may be surprised to discover that how you rate your health is more reliable than any other diagnostic tool! Self-rated health (SRH) is the single best predictor of how well someone will do and how long they will live over the next 20–30 years. SRH is an independent predictor of mortality, above and beyond physician assessments of health.

How Does Your Body Know What You Are Thinking?

Would you be able to explain in a few words what the phrase “Body-Mind” involves as a process? How is it that some of us blush almost the instant that attention is focussed on us? How do our bodies respond so quickly to psychological and psycho-social stress? I am sure we could all agree that transforming mind states into bodily states, and vice versa, is an essential part of human life. But how exactly does that happen? How does the body “know” and react to what you are ruminating about?

The Default Mode Network (DMN)

Do you ever wonder where your energy goes? Your brain uses up more energy than your heart. And the lion’s share of the energy is usurped by the DMN: the Default Mode Network. The Default Mode Network is what interconnects the signals from many parts of the brain, and is considered to be responsible for the “Illusion of self”. The fact that it is always on, and busy sustaining the sense of a self, a “me”, all the time we are awake, explains why any additional self-focus causes our stress hormones to skyrocket, and uses up so much vital energy.

The Effect of Homeopathy on our Mitochondria

What are mitochondria? Why is dimensionality important when we consider biology and health?  How can we access the immaterial dimension on which patterns of consciousness are organized? Judyann McNamara and Eugenie Kreuger sit down and talk about all this and more in this episode of the Homeopathy Hangout.  Listen on Spotify or watch it on YouTube to see the slides presented in the episode.

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