Freedom From the Inner Critic

Manifestations of the inner critic include any and all the thoughts based in comparison, what you have done “wrong”, or could have done wrong, “should” statements, and labeling or generalizations about yourself.

Doorways to Freedom

Are you a prisoner of your thoughts, or worse yet, your inner judge? Do you wish you could escape the clamour of your own inner mental chatter? Our experiences of limitation and suffering are created inside our head, not by external circumstances. True freedom is attained through a shift in the perceiver, and more importantly, where we are perceiving from.

How Does a Homeopathic Remedy Work?

The results of homeogenomic studies have begun to recognize which of the estimated 25,000 human genes are targeted by different homeopathic remedies and how the expression profiles of these targeted genes are rearranged.” The homeopathic remedy does not effect the genome directly, it does through the mediation of the mitochondria.

Science of Awe

In a moment of wonder, when the ego is moved by the soul (Noume) it allows the cosmic light of life to penetrate deeply into the life force, imbuing it with warmth and life energy. These are intense moments of nourishment that have long-lasting effects on all parts of our organism and optimize its functioning. When we allow ourselves to be moved by a sunset or a moonrise or the dance of light on the snow or the sea, we are allowing the cosmos to fully support us, wholly, naturally.

How Does Your Body Know What You Are Thinking?

Would you be able to explain in a few words what the phrase “Body-Mind” involves as a process? How is it that some of us blush almost the instant that attention is focussed on us? How do our bodies respond so quickly to psychological and psycho-social stress? I am sure we could all agree that transforming mind states into bodily states, and vice versa, is an essential part of human life. But how exactly does that happen? How does the body “know” and react to what you are ruminating about?

The Noumedynamic Therapeutic Certificate

For everyone who has been yearning to study at MICH and learn the Noumedynamic Method …your wish can now come true! We have extracted training from our 4 year program to offer a condensed, fastrack, brand new offering. The Noumedynamic Therapeutic Certificate Program, is an apprenticeship style program designed for established professionals and others who want to learn this revolutionary understanding and method for their personal or professional development and use.

Launching Next Week The Noumedynamic Method

For over a quarter-century, the MICH team has been developing a system of inquiry and exploration within a therapeutic process to break through the illusion of self towards liberation and being. The culprit is our DMN or Default Mode Network: so called because it is where your brain goes whenever it is not fully engrossed in a task. Hence the middle of the night “me stories” that take over your sleep time.

Ego Alchemy & The Noumedynamic Method

At the core of the Ego Alchemy Process is the MICH Noumedynamic Method ™ . The Noumedynamic Method provides unique personal facilitation designed to incite a deeper level of transformation. The Noumedynamic Method is not psychological. Psychology considers the human being as a bounded being, a separate entity or monad. The MICH Noumedynamic Method considers every human to be a confluence of relational flow.

How Does Ego Alchemy Work?

Unlike other animals, the human being has the advantage of being able to manipulate its environment. The word manipulate originates from “main” the french word for hand. It is through the evolution of a thumb that the human hand has the dexterity and capacity to “manipulate” its surroundings. This ability, coupled with the neocortex and forebrain’s ability to conceptualize and imagine, is layered with a reinforced neural network called the DMN or Default Mode Network, to create a false idea of a “me”, separate from, and apart from its environment.

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