Ego Alchemy & The Noumedynamic Method

Ego Alchemy & The Noumedynamic Method

Ego Alchemy and the Noumedynamic Method

A Revolutionary Therapeutic Relationship

At the core of the Ego Alchemy Process is the MICH Noumedynamic Method ™ . The Noumedynamic Method provides unique personal facilitation designed to incite a deeper level of transformation.

The Noumedynamic Method is not psychological. Psychology considers the human being as a bounded being, a separate entity or monad. The MICH Noumedynamic Method considers every human to be a confluence of relational flow. This is a much greater difference than it may appear. By treating the human being as a bounded entity, problems related to isolation, evaluation and competition, and self esteem are inevitable in psychological intervention. The consequences of the conditioned belief that we are bounded, separate beings is at the root of all disease and all forms of suffering. Much of MICH work is aimed at freeing human beings from that conditioned thinking.

The Noumedynamic: No you-me dynamic, expands beyond the constraints of traditionally defined roles and the experience of separate bounded beings, or “separate selves,” allowing for a transpersonal, transcendental relationship. It is a role-free interaction that dissolves the divisions of “you-me”, “therapist-client”, “specialist-patient” to allow for pure humanistic, transpersonal caring. By going beyond the dualistic dynamics of separate bounded selves, the inquiry can enter the wholeness of the infinite field of awareness.

It is through energetic resonance that a contemplative state of inner inquiry is induced, allowing access to deeper dimensions. In order for this to occur, the caregiver must have skills of centering, intentionality, intuitive knowing, at-one-ment, imagery and connecting to create a spirit-to-spirit connection.

Going Two Dimensions Beyond Psychology

The Noumedynamic Method goes way beyond, in fact it goes two full dimensions beyond even the most advanced psychological therapeutic role. Psychology involves being physically present: using the first dimension of physically attending behavior—eye contact, leaning toward, etc. and the second dimension of psychological presence: using attentive listening behaviors based on an interactive, response-reciprocal or self-other communication.

The Noumedynamic Method Includes the two dimensions of the psychological therapeutic presence but goes beyond them to include a third, Energetic dimension (conscious of the biofield and bioelectromagnetic forces, to allow resonance to occur.

This requires that the practitioner be consciously centered, completely aware of bias and mental distractions. The fourth, “Spiritual” dimension (non-dual, non-local and higher order Universal Consciousness or Awareness), entails surrendering ego attachments and instead, drawing from universal energy.

A Deeper Dimesion in the Transformational Process

The deeper dimensionality of the Noumedynamic Method is how Ego Alchemy breaks through embedded patterns, deeply rooted conditioning, and entrenched resistance that restrict potential spiritual evolution.

Experience the depth and richness of the Noumedynamic Method to bring your evolution forward. LINK to the ego alchemy site.

About Judyann McNamara, DHOM, N.D., DHP

Originally a physicist and biomedical researcher (biophysics), Judyann has had a clinical practice for over 25 years, has held conferences since 1984 and has been a teacher of courses in physics, science, health, holism and spirituality since 1975. She is a Homeopath with classical unicist training, a Naturopath, and the founder of MICH.

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Ego Alchemy & The Noumedynamic Method
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