Finding The Energetic Similimum

Homeopathic Sponge Remedy

This case demonstrates how repertorization can be useful to provide a good initial response but that selecting a similimum based on the themes and sensations based on an understanding of the deeper dimensions of the individual brings the case and improvement much further, and longer.

A 23 year old female first consulted for disordered eating, anxiety, insomnia, obsessive thoughts, strong reactions to conflict and anger: “I cry at the least unsteadiness”.
She often can’t sleep from overthinking and overplanning her meals and is often unable to return to sleep after waking between 3 and 4 am.
Although her first memory of body dysmorphia dates back to her childhood, she has felt very little freedom in this regard since contracting Salmonella while on vacation in 2016 when she also experienced a fright.

Themes of (sleepless from too much thoughts, activities, music, writing, sentimental, creative) as well as some rubrics using the repertory bring me to China Officianalis in the Rubiaceae. The remedy China 200k was suggested as well as a flower essence blend to be taken 4 times daily with a follow up in 3 weeks.

After a single dose of China 200k, she has some improvement in her sleep as well as some freedom around food. Although she feels less stress and some freedom around the planning process, she’s still not free from that because she’s still accounting for what she ate after the fact.

In a follow up two months later, she elaborated on the theme of planning and spontaneity:
(Planning) Control, anchor, steady, routine: better ability to express myself, flow
(Spontaneity) derails me, throws me off, stunted, shock, frozen, seized up, no words, shock, blank.

As long as there is a plan and a routine, she has the sensation of “feeling anchored and can flow” throughout her day. The word “flow” is a key theme of the sea creatures. The sensation of ‘stunted’ is specific to the sponges in this group.

At MICH, we follow a logical step by step process to go from case chart to remedy that uses our MICH “Meta-map” to direct our focus depending on source words, issues and themes of kingdoms and sub-kingdoms. Confirmation takes place through the MICH Materia Medica references that bring diverse themes together into an understanding that can hold the complexity of a human being.

From the Materia Medica of Spongia Tosta we discover the following:

Sponges must grow quickly as they are often cut down, stunted by predators, and this has to start their growth over, creating an experience of having to do something over and over again. The individual needing spongia as a remedy feels that their growth (project, work etc) should not be hampered, and feels worse starting anything over, so tries to avoid that. “Spongia wants to be master of his own project, but easily feels cut down by a superior force – forcing him to start over again.”

We can see this theme reflected in the client’s experience:

  •  “I PLAN the order to do that I DON’T RETRACE MY STEPS…it only took 3 seconds, but it represents something, I don’t want to go back; I’VE LOST PROGRESS.”
  • If I ate what I ate then, I would be that person again. I WOULD LOSE ALL THAT HARD WORK.”
  • “I’ll set a goal, and if I go beyond that goal, I’ll set a new one with a lower number.”
  • “Afraid of miscommunicating, as if it DIDN’T REACH ITS FULL POTENTIAL.”
  • “STUNTING. Directly in my way.”

Also in the Materia Medica of Spongia:

  • Feels he is literally ripped up every time he tries to be autonomous (in order to stay attached/grounded – “Feels his feet heavy when fearful or contradicted.” The most common sensations of Spongia are: Heavy, Numbness, Floating.


In the client’s words:

  • “I hate the feeling of being FULL and over eating. HEAVY, BLOATED, LIKE A WEIGHT PULLING ME DOWN.”
  • “Right arm; completely numb, arm is just floppy. Not really part of me, it takes me a moment to realize that this arm is mine. NUMBNESS, legs numb when I wake up.”
  • “I like feeling like I’m going to FLOAT away..LIGHT, LACK OF SENSATION, FLOATING.”


In the Materia Medica:

  • The theme of Instability, lack of structure and desire for support and structure.
    Sponges lack true tissues, have no body symmetry, and are sessile. The mesohyl, a gelatinous matrix within a sponge, acts as a type of endoskeleton, helping to maintain the tubular shape but there is no structure as such to provide stability and firmness.


Client’s words:

  • “BALANCE is important. I want to ANCHOR myself in a routine but not worry about it.”
  • “I cry at the least UNSTEADINESS”
  • “As a kid, food was always an INSECURITY…eating disorders in my family”
  • “UNCERTAINTY, panic that has to be externalized with overplanning.”
  • “PANIC has to be EXTERNALIZED.”
  • “If it’s just me and a big block of time..I can’t deal with it. NO GUIDELINES, NO STRUCTURE.”


The sponge has no defenses. No borders, cut back suddenly, sensitivity and reactivity to the environment.
This is expressed as extreme sensitivity where even the slightest change in environment (house, family, support system, etc.) is enough to produce disaster.
The sensation of having no defenses is experienced as weakness, vulnerability, smallness, defenselessness, dependency, immaturity etc.

In the client’s words:

  • “I am WEAK, malleable, not in control of my own decisions”
  • “Always leaving 1 bite of food: I want them to see me as SELF SUFFICIENT, INDEPENDANT, not DEPENDANT and WEAK. Not CONQUERED by it.”
  • “I try so hard to harvest the feeling of self love and not be crazy but I have NO EXAMPLES to follow.”
  • “I want more self confidence and a better ability to DEFEND MYSELF without resorting to irrational anger and anxiety.”
  • “Being ALONE is scary, how to fill the empty time.. I concentrate better on my school work if someone next to me is concentrating too.”
  • “Fear that I’ll start speaking and not be able to express myself. Someone will hit on me and I won’t be able to tell them off.”
  • “I want more self confidence and a better ability to defend myself without resorting to IRRATIONAL ANGER and ANXIETY.”
  • “I express myself differently depending on who is there.”
  • “Someone studying next to me brings focus, concentration, presence. Instrumental music brings that too; there’s an anchor, steady force that’s present.”
  • “SELF SUFFICIENCY – to just say what comes up naturally and not think so much of who’s around.”

The Materia Medica describes the Spongia patient as nervous, anxious and confused with a tendency to be easily frightened and startled: prone to waking from sleep frightened and has a disposition to weep. With many alternating symptoms, mood is changeable.

In the 6 month follow up:

The client has found a balance between work and school that works for her. She describes her relationship to food, school and people as natural and intuitive. She is able to listen to her body and it is not too difficult to feel in control and well. She has stopped all sleep aids (Valerian) since her return and sleep is good.

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  2. Dr. Guy Loutan. Répertoire de Thèmes et de Matière Médicale Dynamique. Editions Loutan 2011
  3. Dr. Ghanshyam Kalathia. Invertebrates in Homeopathy. Gujarat: 2019

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