Following the Wisdom of Your Heart

Following the Wisdom of Your Heart

Learning to love concept. Network of pins and threads in the shape of a cut out heart inside a human head symbolising that love is the core of our being and has its own logic.

Have you ever made resolutions (like at New Year) that seem to come too much from your head, and are not in service to you as an individual, to your heart and soul? The kind of resolutions that you rarely follow through to completion?
Do you ever feel indecisive, unsure about a direction or decision? Or feel uncomfortable with the “rational” decision, or not even sure if it is rational?
There is inner wisdom in every part of your body. Some are survival-oriented and some are purely rational and conceptual. Each has its respective role and place in the organism. The cerebral cortex is the seat of rational intelligence, but many of our thoughts are generated from information fed to the cerebral cortex from the limbic brain, a remnant from our reptilian ancestors, and survival-oriented or instinctual.

Tap into the most evolved part of your consciousness

The most evolved type of intelligence is the Contemplative, Intuitive, or heart centered form of intelligence.

Since 1991, the HeartMath Institute has researched and developed reliable, scientifically-based tools to help people bridge the connection between their hearts and minds. They have fascinating results regarding intelligence as related to the heart. Their research shows that awareness of this centre leads to less violent behaviour, better attention, higher scores in tests, and a greater ability to learn.
The intelligence or awareness of heart-centred energy flow increases our healing abilities and passion for life. Our heart is the home of our soul, our heart’s desire, our passion for life. No other organ has greater meaning, symbolism, mythology and emotion than the heart. We use our heart to describe the state of our psyche or soul. “Speaking from the heart” denotes someone with sincerity, sympathy, feeling, tenderness and concern. “My heart is heavy” is the immersion of our whole being in sadness or grief. An open heart, a closed heart, a cruel heart,hard-hearted, and a tender heart are just some of the expressions we use to express consciousness of our whole state of being.
Ask anyone to point to themselves and they instinctively point to their heart or very close to it.

One of the most recent evolutionary additions is the Sino-atrial node in the upper right-hand corner of the right atrium of the heart. This small group of specialized muscle cells have the ability to contract spontaneously –independently of any external physical source. This is possible through the coordinated action of the mitochondria within each cell. These cells generate electrical signals that spread to the rest of the heart and cause it to contract with a regular, steady beat. For this reason, the SA node is also known as the heart’s pacemaker. It has rich neural connections to the spinal cord and brain. Although nerves and certain chemicals in the bloodstream may influence the heart rate it’s the SA node that generates the heartbeat, totally independently of any other stimulus.
The Heart is most intricately connected to the field of cosmic formative forces. That is why our heart can continue to beat even when removed from our body. This is an indication that the mitochondria of the heart cells are informed not only by the organism’s intelligence, but by the Holomovement.
When we are centred in our heart, we are able to work both through and beyond our instincts and our rational mind: we are able to transcend our conditioning and beliefs. For centuries, the mystical Sufis have taught a form of mediation centred on this spot. For our purposes, the SA node symbolizes the possibility of conscious evolution.
As it is responsible for the beat to which our body functions, the heart perfectly symbolizes “dancing our own dance”, or moving to the unique beat of our own drum.
David Suzuki did a program on the heart where they used sensitive instruments to register the fine details of the heartbeat, then assigned a musical scale to the wave produced and played it. The resultant sound was a harmonious song, unique to Dr. Suzuki. It literally does play our song.

When we focus on our heart as the centre of our being, we are able to respond to life with a much more life-centred consciousness than if we were to feel ourselves responding either in our head or our “gut”. We should always refer our questions to our heart for inner guidance.

Two Exercises to Access the Center of Your Being

  1. Turbo charge your daily meditation practice
    To increase your vital energy flow, visualize a spot very near the SA node in your right atrium. Make it the focal point of your concentration during any type of meditation you practice, and you will experience the added benefit of even greater vital energy than usual.
  2. Tap into Your Heart’s Wisdom
    Increase the energy flow through your heart by engaging in a heart-centred activity fully and whole-heartedly. Being engaged in a craft or activity that we truly love and nourishes us, facilitates the movement of vital energy through the heart and into our arms and our hands. It also distracts both the sensory level of consciousness and the rational, chatterbox level of consciousness.Remain in the presence of your heart’s energy and SA node while you are engaged in an activity that you love. If you find that your thoughts have drifted to something else, bring your mind back to connecting with your heartfelt experience of doing something you really enjoy.
    Practicing awareness of your heart’s energy will allow you to receive, when you least expect it, flashes of intuition and clarity about an important aspect of your life.Dialoguing with your soul regularly through your heart provides clarity and insight about your direction and decisions in life to help you develop and express your full potential.

The Heart - Centered Sequence

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~ Jennifer Duncan (Level One)

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Following the Wisdom of Your Heart
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