Global Eco-Crisis: What is the Cause? What is the Cure? And What you can do

Global Eco-Crisis: What is the Cause? What is the Cure? And What you can do

You recycle, buy locally produced food, and do everything you can to save water, resources and energy but it feels like you’re trying to bail out the Titanic with a thimble. In the face of the immensity of the problem, we feel small and helpless, and sometimes… hopeless.

What creates and maintains the problem?

“No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it.”, goes the well known quote from Einstein. He should know. He provided humanity with the key to understanding the true nature of reality and who we are. Everything is energy, the apparent material world and the matter that comprises it are a dance between the light of consciousness and the energy of its movement. More than a century after Einstein provided the actual formula , E=mc2, and science of that reality, we have not embraced it, except to produce weapons of even greater destruction with which to threaten each other. We believe that we are our bodies, we create a self based on concepts built around a body-encapsulated “me”: the “me” defined by “my” race, culture, nationality, political and or religious ideology, gender, sexual proclivity, economic class and affiliations. We continue this conditioned way of thinking despite the fact that every single one of these concepts has led to division, destruction, violence and war. Essentially, this “me”-identification is what has led to the current global crises.

Let me explain: the fragmented, conflictual quality inherent in all these ways of creating an identity results in creating continuous “white noise” of dissatisfaction in the human mind. We are always dissatisfied about something, and preoccupied with finding a way to address it. This dissatisfaction leads to a constant flow of perceived needs that we feel must be fulfilled in order for us (or our family or group) to feel happy, comfortable, content, peaceful, safe, secure, loved, etc. It is the pursuit of these false perceived needs in the more affluent parts of the world that cause a shortage of real needs: enough food, water and shelter to survive for the less fortunate parts of human population. It is these perceived needs that lead to struggle, conflicts, and greed. There is always something else, something more. Is there any part of the global crisis that can not be traced back to this greed? The global crisis is the outcome of the symptom of greed. But, greed is just a symptom of the true disease: the state of mind that is identified with concepts and ideas, perceived needs and constant dissatisfaction. The state of mind when the Default Mode Network (as explained in earlier blogs, see link below) is activated. The state of mind that is busy creating a false “me” and does not realize its true source and true identity.

Our Collective Mind and Responsibility

We are 8 billion points of experience of consciousness. There is only one consciousness, and it is universal. We need to fully realize that our bodies are a dance of light and energy, and that our “minds” are just points in a specific place at a specific time within the space-time continuum created within consciousness. When we truly embrace this reality, our perceived needs and superficial identifications, along with the associated divisiveness and greed fall away, and our true nature, which is awareness and love, can be revealed.

This is what happens during a natural disaster, when everything is ripped away. It also happens at death. The ending of the “me” and “mine” is inevitable. However, right now it is our responsibility to end the identification with superficial concepts before we die. As more of us dis-identify, our shared consciousness, the global human mind that created the world crisis, is transformed.

Less emphasis on “me”, means less perceived needs, less dissatisfaction, more openness, sharing, and true caring about the world and others. 

How you can do your part: starting today

So, yes, you can do something to address the continuing cause of global warming; you can become a portal for the light of consciousness to transform the human mind. We live in an energetic world made by consciousness. Embracing this reality is the path to the realization of our true potential as a species. 

We offer a free series of meditations called Ego Alchemy (see link below) as a first step to embracing the energetic reality.  The upcoming blog articles will provide a free program to train your brain. This program will transform your life, and every life on earth.

The goal is to have your brain become more aware of what it is doing.  The exercises will make use of the brain’s innate neuroplasticity: the ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural pathways in response to experiences. 

But there is an added bonus: these same exercises reduce anxiety, can help overcome depression, provide energy to rectify chronic fatigue, and boost the immune system.

Let’s begin with a very quick sample. 

Experience how much energy the DMN (Default mode Network) of the brain uses to create and maintain the "me".

As explained in previous blogs, the brain’s DMN or Default Mode Network is a specific, very complex network interconnecting different parts of the brain to create a psychological entity experienced as a separate, isolated, monad: “me”, all pieces of which have to be defended.

Here’s a two minute experiment to experience the energy “me” thoughts use up.

  • Simply catch yourself using the adjective “my”. We commonly use this adjective numerous times a day:  “my” family, ideas, beliefs, people, animals, objects, body, home and belongings. These are what we identify with, some more strongly than others, but they all contribute to our “me”. Using the word “my” triggers the DMN into energy burning defences as easily as using the word “me”. 
  • Now insert “the” into the same sentence in place of “my”. Example: “I drove my car to the garage” becomes: “I drove the car to the garage”. Or “I am going for a walk with my husband” to I am going for a walk with Fred (or whatever the name is). The key is to use an example with something that is important or precious to you. 
  • Now, feel the energy associated with the “my” sentence versus the much flatter, untethered, lighter experience with the sentence using “the” or the name.  You might not feel it the first time, but as you discover where your attachments or ownerships are strongest, and use those as examples,  you will be able to feel it more. That energy is being used by the DMN just to maintain the sense of me. But what that means is that the DMN is evoking a fight or flight response – ready to go into action by releasing inflammatory cytokines and stress hormones. Defences, psychological stress and anxiety are being surreptitiously stirred in the background.

You might also become aware of feelings, emotions and sensations associated with certain objects or people you identify with.  Explore the emotions, and feelings that arise when you feel to be the owner of,  attached to, or identified with something or someone versus it being just another person, object, opinion, belief, etc. 

Please know that I am not suggesting that you never use the adjective “my” or that possessions are wrong. The point of this exercise is to recognize that when we identify with people, things and beliefs, our defence system is triggered whenever any of those things are thought about or mentioned. It is not only a waste of energy, and a detriment to our health (inflammatory cytokines etc.) but also, in that mode it is so easy to create division and conflict, and more dissatisfaction.

And now, the most important part:

Allow yourself to feel grateful to yourself for this effort. Muster up the state of gratitude, and direct the gratitude towards yourself. The awareness that led you to do this exercise is the source of all inspired acts of love and who you REALLY are. So acknowledge that awareness in you, by expressing gratitude to the source of all consciousness within you that motivated you to do this exercise. 


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What our Students Tell Us

I just wanted to send you a quick note to say that I LOVE your training. And the holistic integrations, the handouts, the experience, the exercises, the mentorships… It’s all so wonderful to hear you, to learn from you, and the other instructors and colleagues, and to actually experience all of this. It is a rich, rewarding, personal evolution —Thank you!!! -

~Esteban Naranjo

About Judyann McNamara, DHOM, N.D., DHP

Originally a physicist and biomedical researcher (biophysics), Judyann has had a clinical practice for over 25 years, has held conferences since 1984 and has been a teacher of courses in physics, science, health, holism and spirituality since 1975. She is a Homeopath with classical unicist training, a Naturopath, and the founder of MICH. Do you want to embark on a journey of the soul that will help yourself and others? Learn more about how to study with us.
Global Eco-Crisis: What is the Cause? What is the Cure? And What you can do
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