Holiday Homeotips

The holiday season is approaching and maybe you are looking forward to taking a break from work and the daily routines. If you have a chance, you might be going outside for some fun winter activities. Whether it is tobogganing on a snowy slope, or skiing through a wintry landscape, it will probably have been a while since you last went down those hills and at the end of such an active day, you might feel achey. Remember to take Arnica to soothe that bruised feeling. A nice hot shower or bath may also help to ensure that you will feel eager to go out there again the next day for more snow fun.

Bumps and Bruises

In case any mishaps happen in the cold outdoors, here are some tips:
If an accident has happened, always first use [highlight color=”golden” style=”style-2″]Arnica[/highlight]: any potency is good, but if you have 30C or 200C, that will be the easiest. Take one granule and let it melt under the tongue. You will want to repeat this a half hour later. Repetition after this double dose depends on how much pain or discomfort there is: it can be as often as every hour, or as little as once per day.

If there is a fracture and the person is not helped much by the Arnica, before the bone is set, you can give [highlight color=”golden” style=”style-2″]Bryonia[/highlight]. This can also be helpful when it is a very bad sprain and the slightest movement hurts.

For healing a broken bone: [highlight color=”golden” style=”style-2″]Symphytum 30CH [/highlight]once per day and [highlight color=”golden” style=”style-2″]Calcarea phosphorica 6X [/highlight]2-4 times per day. The latter is called a tissue salt and helps in nourishing the bone repair.

For healing a sprain: [highlight color=”golden” style=”style-2″]Ledum 30CH[/highlight]. Ledum can also help someone with weak ankles. Strengthening joint ligaments can also be supported by the tissue salt [highlight color=”golden” style=”style-2″]Calcarea fluorica 6X[/highlight].

In the case of frostbite, there are a few possible remedies:
[highlight color=”golden” style=”style-2″]Agaricus muscarius: [/highlight] a very common frostbite remedy. The skin burns and itches and there is redness and swelling. The skin hurts when it gets cold and the symptoms change place when scratching.
[highlight color=”golden” style=”style-2″]Zincum: [/highlight] there is a feeling of numbness and inner trembling, as if bugs are crawling over the skin.
[highlight color=”golden” style=”style-2″] Petroleum: [/highlight]Skin is dry, itching and burning
[highlight color=”golden” style=”style-2″]Terebinthinum: [/highlight] Excessive itching and a pulsating type of pains.

If there are pains in the bones that remain after frostbite, especially if they are burning pains, [highlight color=”golden” style=”style-2″] Ruta[/highlight] can be helpful.

If it is really cold and the person gets short of breath from inhaling cold air, Carbo vegetabilis may bring relief. If the cold dries out the membranes of the nose and causes headaches: use [highlight color=”golden” style=”style-2″] Glonoinum[/highlight].

Party Pains

The holiday season tips wouldn’t be complete without addressing the most common indoor activities of this time: attending parties and eating extensive meals.

If the office party went on a little too long and you don’t feel so happy the next morning: try [highlight color=”golden” style=”style-2″]Nux vomica [/highlight](also called Colubrina).

If indigestion follows a large meal of turkey and other heavy, fatty items, try one of the following remedies:
[highlight color=”golden” style=”style-2″]Carbo-animalis:[/highlight] burning and cramping pains in the abdomen, made worse by fats. Lots of flatulence. There are feelings of weakness and maybe even sadness and anxiety.
[highlight color=”golden” style=”style-2″]Causticum:[/highlight] Feeling of ball in throat and acidity. Burning, acid feeling in the stomach. Aversion to sweets. Thinking of these complaints makes them worse. Problems may come from intense emotions or long-lasting grief.
[highlight color=”golden” style=”style-2″]Pulsatilla:[/highlight] Heartburn, flatulence, especially after ice cream and pastries. Dislikes butter. Tightness in the stomach that moves the person to loosen their clothing, a weight as from a stone, that is still there the next morning. Taste of food lingers for a long time in the mouth. The person might be weepy and would like your sympathy.

We hope our homeotips will help make your holiday season delightful and relaxing!

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Carla Marcelis, ND, DHom

Carla brings dedication, passion and expertise as mission leader to the MICH Honduras Clinic and to her role as Director and teacher at the Montreal Institute of Classical Homeopathy. Visit her webpage to learn more about her and to read all of her blog posts.

Holiday Homeotips
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