How Does a Homeopathic Remedy Work?


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The recent research conference: “Groundbreaking Science: Homeopathy and the Future of Global Health” GIRI Annual Meeting XXXVI, held at the University of Connecticut), Oct 20-22, 2023, provided numerous studies proving that homeopathic remedies cause epigenetic changes in cell genomes. The changes are specific to each remedy, and even to different dilutions of the same remedy. Researcher members of the International Research Group on Very Low Dose and High Dilution Effects also known as GIRI, Groupe International de Recherche sur l’Infinitésimal, who publish the International Journal of High Dilution Research has shown that a single remedy can produce over a hundred changes to the genome.

In his review article, researcher Anisur Khuda-Bukhsh wrote: “Almost two decades ago, it was postulated that homoeopathic remedies could deliver their benefits by interacting with the genetic blueprint. Over the years, the results of many homeogenomic gene expression studies have confirmed this postulate.

The results of homeogenomic studies have begun to recognize which of the estimated 25,000 human genes are targeted by different homeopathic remedies and how the expression profiles of these targeted genes are rearranged.”

The homeopathic remedy does not effect the genome directly, it does through the mediation of the mitochondria. What we now know is that the mitochondria, the mediators of bio-energy, and the producers of bio-photons, are also the intelligent network that controls the cellular nucleus. “Crosstalk between mitochondria and the nuclear epigenome represents bidirectional mitonuclear communication: mitochondria are essential mediators of epigenetic processes”. It is the mitochondria that determine the epigenetic changes that lead to both health and disease states. Although some highly penetrant genetic mutations undoubtedly cause devastating diseases, genes do not play a dominant role in common disease risk and longevity. Every chronic disease, from diabetes to cancer is the result of mitochondrial intervention. The genome, activated by the mitochondria, causes chronic disease to develop. In every cell, the mitochondria form a dynamic, synaptic network that informs and controls the nucleus, including epigenetic changes, and the turning on and off of onco-genes and others.

The mitochondria were once believed to be little bean-like structures within the cellular cytoplasm that were deemed to be the energy storehouses of cells. In the past 2 decades, mitochondria have proven to be not only the organelles that perform the quantum processes of converting the oxygen we breathe and foods we eat to cellular energy, but also a complex, intelligent, intra and extracellular network. Time-lapse microcinematography of living cells shows the remarkable mobility and plasticity of these “quantum” organelles, constantly changing their shape and even fusing with one another and then separating again.

The mitochondria are the quantum receptors of the consciousness that create the vital force.

As quantum organelles, they are not only the energy transformers, but they configure the vital field according to the consciousness that creates us in every moment. The key to understanding the interconnectedness of body and mind, as well as the energetic reception of field effects is the mitochondria.

Mirochondria are, in effect, the intelligence that maintains the energetic structure of the body or the Biofield.

The homeopathically prepared remedy is probably the only form of medicine that has the potential to communicate in a very precise way with the mitochondria and thus the deepest dimension of disease: the energetic substrate mediated by the mitochondria.

How Homeopathic Remedies Work
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How Homeopathic Remedies Work
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