How Does Ego Alchemy Work?

What is Ego?

Unlike other animals, the human being has the advantage of being able to manipulate its environment. The word manipulate originates from “main” the french word for hand. It is through the evolution of a thumb that the human hand has the dexterity and capacity to “manipulate” its surroundings. This ability, coupled with the neocortex and forebrain’s ability to conceptualize and imagine, is layered with a reinforced neural network called the DMN or Default Mode Network, to create a false idea of a “me”, separate from, and apart from its environment. (DMN Blog)

All of this makes the human being into a very annoying meddler. We meddle with nature, with each other, with our bodies and life. Sometimes our meddling is helpful, but it is more often problematic.

The problem does not lie with our hands, our neocortex or forebrain, it is that awareness is clouded over by the DMN, the neural network that creates the delusion of a self that does not acknowledge universal consciousness as its true source, and the source of everything that exists.

We mistakenly believe ourselves to be separate, consider our mind to be individual, and often consider consciousness as the product of this individual bounded body-mind organism. Thus, we identify with our thoughts. “I am what I think” leads to identifying with our beliefs, as well as believing every thought that rambles through our brain. We believe we can “think” our way through problems, and think our way through life. It makes us obsessive, compulsive, neurotic and controlling.

Our identification with our thoughts and our thinking process also inevitably leads to identification with the labels that become our identity: a success, a failure, smart, stupid, lazy, irresponsible, responsible, hard-working, borderline, paranoid, neurotic, compulsive, ADHD, Schizophrenic, BiPolar, and on and on. How many ways do you define yourself and what do you identify with? Defining yourself in any way has negative, and even devastating consequences.

What is Ego Alchemy?

The MICH Ego Alchemy process involves decoupling and disidentifying from thought so as to observe it as energy without any ownership or responsibility of its origin.

Ego Alchemy is a process that allows our brain to recognize that consciousness is not individual. The brain comes to see that consciousness is the source and container of all things. It is the wellspring from with all forms emerge.

Our society assumes and does not question the reality of the “self”. Psychology and Personal development attempt to cheer us on to a new and improved definition of “me”. The purpose of psychology and self development is to create a “better” or different concept of self: a “new and improved” ego. Because of the belief that “I am what I think”, we imagine that with enough positive thinking we can create changes often wrongly labelled as “transformation”. These supposed changes in self image can feel good for awhile, but maintaining it requires constant attention and precious vital energy. Moreover, despite the energy it saps from us, it eventually leads to a vicious cycle of egotrophy (feeling good about the self) and egolysis (feeling bad about the self, defending the self, or putting others down to feel better about “me”).

Ego Alchemy is about getting off that ferris wheel, and stopping the vicious cycle of the self image and all of its consequences.

Ego Alchemy breaks through the illusion of self towards liberation and being. It frees up our vital energy, to allow for optimal healing, well-being and health. Why not try it out? 

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