How Does Your Body Know What You Are Thinking?

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Would you be able to explain in a few words what the phrase “Body-Mind” involves as a process? How is it that some of us blush almost the instant that attention is focussed on us? How do our bodies respond so quickly to psychological and psycho-social stress?

I am sure we could all agree that transforming mind states into bodily states, and vice versa, is an essential part of human life. But how exactly does that happen? How does the body “know” and react to what you are ruminating about?

Our understanding of brain-body interactions, health, and human potential has evolved to a place where it has become necessary to understand precisely how our mental state affects our body. As more and more researchers are pointing out: “The mind is both the greatest ally and obstacle in achieving individual health”.1

Researchers are now discovering the psychobiological energetic pathways that explain how our state of mind can directly affect health and disease risk.

The Body-Mind Point of Confluence is the Mitochondria

The “link” between mind and body is the mitochondria. Mitochondria are living, dynamic, energy-transforming, signaling quantum processing organelles that actively transduce biological information. Mitochondria sense and respond to both internal and environmental inputs. The mitochondria then integrate that information through dynamic, network-based physical interactions and produce output signals that regulate the functions of other organelles as well as all of our physiological functions.

There is a direct connection between mitochondrial internal processes and human experience. Circulating cell-free mitochondrial DNA (cf-mtDNA) is currently being used as a biomarker of psychobiological and cellular stress, anxiety states, affect, aging, cardiovascular disorders and other physical and mental disease states.2

Mitos: From Long Covid to Almost every Chronic Disease

We now know that the cause of long covid3 is Mitochondrial dysfunction. In fact, we can trace almost every chronic disease back to some mitochondrial dysfunction.

The important question is: “How can we keep our mitochondria healthy and optimally functional?”

Quantum Medicine for Quantum Organelles

The key to understanding mitochondria is that they function and thrive on an energetic dimension that is much more subtle than the chemical-mechanical dimension that reductionist medical science searches for answers and explanations.

Mitochondria are particularly sensitive to ultra subtle movements of biophotons, energy and consciousness. The way to keep mitochondria healthy is by  supporting them on the more subtle dimensions.  

An energy medicine such as homeopathy, sends subtle signals on the dimension which has the most influence on the positive functioning of the mitochondria. Homeopaths have reported having success with the homeopathic preparation of Camphor 30CH for long COVID. Camphor is a plant in the Laurales Order of plants. Homeopathic proving themes reveal a mental state of heightened anxiety and anger, the feeling that one is under overpowering domination, in a police state, and imagining that there is a lack of real freedom and every act of individuality will be retaliated, with coercion: a mental state that has been more prevalent in our society since COVID.

Homeopathy reveals and addresses the Mind-Body state as a whole, with specific mind states that coincide with bodily symptoms. The MICH Noumedynamic Method uncovers the confluence point of Mind and Body so that the optimal homeopathic simillimum can be found.

By the way, if you would like to explore the possibilities of this approach for you, you can set up a free, no-strings-attached exploration call

What you can do for your mitos

When the brain is overly preoccupied with the narrative self created by the Default Mode Network  (DMN), it uses a lot of energy to produce psychological stress: precisely the type of stress that is the most damaging to the mitochondria. 

There are specific ways to train the brain to calm down, so as to allow our mind to be absorbed by an inherent inner peace instead of external agitation, dissatisfaction, unfulfilled desires, wanting more, and perceived needs. In letting these fixations and preoccupations fall away, a natural inner oasis of inner calm, stillness, silence and space is allowed to reveal itself. This state is what nourishes to mitochondria. Allowing this experience on a regular basis in our daily lives allows a complete “reset” to occur, replenishing our vital force. 

Our own inner peace and serenity is the greatest gift we can offer our mitochondria, our selves, and others.

In the upcoming blogs, we will be sharing the specific type of brain training that optimizes inner nourishment.

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